A Better Way To Perform Inspections

InCheck has the easiest, most advanced Inspection solution available – because your business can’t afford to miss a single detail.  


“Inspections with InCheck are foolproof - straightforward and easy-to-use, which means my team will actually use it. My staff can swipe through each inspection, step-by-step, adding notes and pictures, and I can see everything from back at the office”

Ilsoo Kim
Facilities Director

Super-Friendly Mobile App

It’s never been easier to make the switch from pen and paper to digital, trackable inspections.

Simple, Swipe-through Inspections

Step-by-step input fields ensure every inspection is thorough, no matter who does it.

Customizable & Required Fields

Capture onsite signatures, pictures, notes, and much more – all in one place.

Collect Data Offline

Log critical details even when there’s no internet connection.

Automatic Inspection Assignments

Advanced triggers and rules mean inspections are assigned to the right people without you having to lift a finger.

Automatic Scheduling

For monthly equipment checks and more – set your most critical Inspections on an automatically recurring schedule.

Smart Assignment

InCheck automatically knows which people & teams are responsible for which buildings and inspections.

Comprehensive Reporting

From C-suite level analytics to detailed Inspection reports, get maximum oversight into what’s happening at your buildings – and how you can make improvements.

Risk Assessment

Quickly see what your team could be missing, and what could cost you.

High-Level Performance Metrics

Track inspection frequency and quality for every building.

On-demand Inspection Reports

Instantly generate presentation quality PDFs for individual inspections.

From Better Inspections, To Faster Follow-ups

From Better Inspections, To Faster Follow-ups

Ensure Compliance

Automatic assignment and tracking so things that need to happen actually get done.

Enforce Best Practices

Your team’s standard operating procedures are followed to a T, every time.

Scale Your Operations

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How it Works

Avoid the Hassle & Do Tenant Mailings Right