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In the spirit of the holidays, we’re looking back at some of the most critical and complex compliance changes handed down by NYC Agencies in 2016. We’ll release a new video each week detailing a major compliance news story, so stay tuned for all 4 Weeks of Compliance!

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Week 4

New Elevator Violation – The EVCAT5

The DOB released a brand-new elevator violation for the first time this year – the EVCAT5. Learn how to avoid this infraction (and its accompanying $5,000 fine) with our final 4 Weeks of Compliance Video:

Week 1 Video
FDNY Summonses and FDNY Notices of Violation – Which is Which?

Week 2 Video
New HPD Referral Program

Week 3 Video
New Construction Regulations 

Happy Holidays from SiteCompli!