SiteCompli Presents the 4 Weeks of Compliance!

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re looking back at some of the most critical and complex compliance changes handed down by NYC Agencies in 2016. We’ll release a new video each week detailing a major compliance news story, so stay tuned for all 4 Weeks of Compliance!

Week 4

New Elevator Violation – The EVCAT5

The DOB released a brand-new elevator violation for the first time this year – the EVCAT5. Learn how to avoid this infraction (and its accompanying $5,000 fine) with our final 4 Weeks of Compliance Video:

Week 1 Video
FDNY Summonses and FDNY Notices of Violation – Which is Which?

Week 2 Video
New HPD Referral Program

Week 3 Video
New Construction Regulations 

Happy Holidays from SiteCompli!