Back to Compliance School Webinar

It’s almost back to school time, which means another SiteCompli roundup of 2017’s most critical compliance news! Join us for a webinar on August 29th where we’ll review some of the most recent changes to NYC regulations that impact your buildings:

All Things Benchmarking and Beyond

  • Changes to Local Law 84 and an Overview of Local Law 87

DOB: NOW Recap

  • What to expect for which types of filings

Sanitation Regulations

  • The newly enforced change for commercial recycling
  • How Sanitation infractions impacted NYC last year

DEC-Regulated Oil Tanks

  • Understanding what you’re responsible for

Cooling Tower Violation Review

  • What to expect if you get a violation, and how to prevent them

Winter is Coming – Heat Season Changes

  • New requirements for 2017

…and more!

Don’t miss out on the details of these and other recent rule adjustments – get the updates you need to keep your building in compliance through 2017 and beyond.

WhenTuesday, August 29, 2017 – 11 AM

This webinar was live on August 29th, but you can watch it on-demand below. Stay tuned for the next SiteCompli Webinar!