How New Regulations will Impact Your Properties (2017)

Whether you manage commercial, residential, institutional, retail, or other types of structures, all properties in NYC will be impacted by the recently announced package of construction and tenant legislation, just signed into law this summer. In this SiteCompli webinar, we’ll review the most significant parts of the legislation and how you can protect your buildings from increased penalties.

Here are some key components of the laws we’ll be reviewing:

  • New required postings for residential buildings undergoing construction
  • Increased penalties for Stop Work Order and Work Without a Permit violations
  • Expanded definitions for distressed properties based on ECB penalty debt
  • Additional construction monitoring and audits, including Contractor Watchlists and Permit Restrictions

Join us to learn more about these new laws, and how you can protect your portfolio against related infractions!

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RequiredComputer with internet access and built-in speakers/headphones

This webinar was live on November 16th, 2017, but you can watch it on-demand below.

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