How efficiently is your team working? InCheck knows.

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Find out how to get your Executive Summary

InCheck’s Executive Summary report analyzes your company’s work performance data and highlights where your team can improve, giving you an exact blueprint for increased efficiency, reduced risk, and better cost-savings across your portfolio.

Identify roadblocks and measure improvements in record time, so you can better scale  your team and grow your bottom line—only with InCheck.

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Understand How Your Team Works,
And Plan Better For The Future

InCheck’s Executive Summary aggregates everything your team is assigning, tackling, & completing across your portfolio, so you know how to:

• Find out how quickly your team is closing out
different types of projects
• Spot where & when your company’s work
patterns change.

For example, this team is seeing a drop-off in completed work during the past few months. Is this change impacted by seasonal issues, like weather? Does this slowdown happen annually? InCheck tracks this data and more, giving you the information you need to better plan your budget and work schedule throughout the year.


Find Out What’s Not Working, & Change It Faster

With InCheck’s Report, “hunches” about company
processes are backed up by real data.

Why is the construction permitting process taking longer than it did last month? Identifying which of your work processes aren’t working anymore is the first step to improving them, & making it easier for your team to execute on-time.


Compare Work Metrics Across Properties, Teams, and More.


Optimize How Your Team Is Spending Their Time

Seeing where your team is actually spending their time helps you better allocate your company’s resources, without increasing costs.

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Your Bottom Line.

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