InCheck vs. HappyCo

Great management teams choose InCheck for faster inspections

Go beyond HappyCo data collection and start automating recurring inspections at your buildings - and completing them faster

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What InCheck Offers

Inspections are never the only thing you do at a building – so why limit your team to simple data entry? With InCheck, inspections sit alongside important building documents and due dates, tenant information, and a powerful task-assignment workflow that takes work over the finish line.

Pre-Scheduled & Recurring Inspections

Extensive Inspection
Template Library

Mobile App & Desktop


…they’re going to be spending time maximizing your profit, as opposed to dealing with mundane paperwork…

Why InCheck is Different

With InCheck, your team can do more than just log inspections. They can assign work to team members to make sure any unsatisfactory conditions are fixed, complete an inspection as part of a larger workflow of tasks, and more.


Pre-schedule inspections to occur on specific dates
Set inspections to recur based on document expirations
View inspections alongside non-inspection related information like incident reports, equipment records, and more
Access a large library of best practice inspection templates
Complete inspections offline on mobile


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