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Local Law Compliance

Effortlessly Handle
Local Law Compliance

Whether it’s a violation, fine, hearing, or other regulatory issues, ensure every member of your team knows exactly how to handle it. InCheck’s built-in local law expertise gives your team the knowledge to quickly resolve open items. And for your properties in New York City, InCheck automatically monitors and aggregates real-time data from critical city agencies, helping to protect your portfolio from significant penalties.

Standardize Your Team’s Response to Local Regulatory Changes

InCheck gives you oversight into any regulatory issues that happen across your portfolio, including tracking on how your team’s handling it. Respond to compliance events using Workflows crafted by local law experts.

Easily onboard new staff members with step-by-step Workflows for specific local law requirements
Pull standard local law Workflows from InCheck’s Best Practice Library or create and customize your own
Identify areas of improvement and deploy preventive maintenance plans to prevent future issues

Most Trusted Platform in the Most Complex Regulatory Environment in the World

InCheck automatically and continuously aggregates NYC agency changes across your portfolio, including inspection results and due dates, work permits, equipment, and more. Make sure your team is prepared to handle the most complex regulatory environment in the world, with support from the city’s best compliance experts.

The widest breadth of NYC agency data, including DOB, FDNY, HPD, OATH (ECB), Sanitation, Health, DEP, DEC, DOT, DOF, and more
Customizable alerts, analytics, and automatically recurring & on-demand compliance reports
Access to the city’s most trusted compliance resources including rule updates and changes, best practices, and detailed how-to’s
Integrated annual safety notice mailings (window guard and lead paint) and stove knob cover notice services to comply with mandatory NYC regulations

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