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Task and Workflow Automation

Work Faster and Better, Together

InCheck’s core Task and Workflow Automation system ensures your team knows exactly what they need to do for every project, automatically.

Enforce Work Standards For Your Team

InCheck’s Workflows standardize the way your team handles everything, from surprises to routine work, all across your portfolio. No matter who’s performing the work (or when, or where), ensure projects are completed to your standards, every time.

Deploy recurring Workflows (groups of Tasks related to a larger project) or individual Tasks on-demand or automatically based on key dates and information
Set due dates for individual Tasks within a Workflow, and outline the order in which Tasks should or need to be performed
Require specific information capture like signatures, images, and inspections using InCheck’s built-in Task Types

Adapt to Staff Changes Effortlessly

Even if you’re juggling staff vacations, busy schedules, or personnel updates, Workflows always get the right Tasks to the right people, without any extra manual effort.

Tasks within Workflows can be assigned to Teams – groups of people who can “pick up” work based on their schedules or your needs (for example, Back Office Team or Engineering Team)
Tasks can also be assigned to User Roles (Property Manager, Tenant Coordinator, etc.), guaranteeing work will get to the right person despite future personnel changes or shifts within your organization

Build Your Operations From Collective Industry Best Practices

InCheck’s Workflow Library lets your team tap into collective knowledge from thousands of property management teams across the country.

Adapt Workflows aligned with industry-standard best practices from InCheck’s Best Practice Library
Easily adjust Workflows any time you want to change your team’s standard operating procedures
Broaden your team’s operational knowledge of new or different types of processes from the Library

Identify Roadblocks Before They Become Major Issues

With InCheck, you have full oversight into who’s taking care of what across your portfolio. Immediately spot any holdups, and easily see how much work your team is getting done.

Review progress for any current projects on-demand, easily spotting blockers before they become major issues.
Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting give you both quick and in-depth views of ongoing projects and work across your entire company

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