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Tenant Requests

All Your Tenant Communications
In One Place

InCheck provides a central location for maintaining every single Tenant Request, no matter how, where, or when it’s captured. Review and prioritize requests, and quickly take action, ensuring your tenants stay happy & stay at your buildings. 

Quickly Review & Resolve Tenant Requests

No more digging through emails, voicemails, post-its, or jogging your memory – InCheck provides a single location for all your inbound requests, making it easy to respond & track progress.

Collect inbound requests from anywhere, including an API connection to a third party portal, manual entry, or InCheck’s integrated Call Center and Tenant Portal
InCheck’s intelligent routing means work triggered by Tenant Requests gets to the right person based on the specific details of the request
View Requests statuses in seconds, quickly seeing what’s been reviewed and responded to across your portfolio

Connect Your Team To Your Tenants – Without Extra Work

Reduce expenses and deploy staff resources more efficiently with InCheck’s built-in 24/7 Call Center. The Call Center not only helps your team work more quickly, but allows tenants to check progress of their requests without distracting your staff.

Easily let your tenants know about Call Center with automatically generated posters and notices from your InCheck account
Customize call routing during specific hours each day, letting you decide when calls go to the Center or directly to your team
Tenants connect with a simple interface, saving their information the next time they call & letting them call back for updates without taking time from your staff members
Generate both internal request statuses & tenant-facing updates to keep tenants satisfied and your team up-to-date

Make Supporting Your Tenants Less Painful

InCheck’s integrated Tenant Portal provides another easy way for your tenants to communicate requests without interrupting your team’s work. And having inbound requests directly connected to InCheck’s Workflows means requests get evaluated and resolved faster than ever before.

Tenants can log into the online Tenant Portal to submit requests, view the status of previous requests, and see scheduled work
The Tenant Portal is directly connected with InCheck, letting your team easily update internal and tenant-facing statuses from one place

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