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What are ECB Violation Statuses?

The ECB assigns statuses to violations during specific points in the fine and hearing process. Status Definition Appeal Decision Rendered Hearing decision was appealed and … Read More

August 4, 2017

What if my permit account has a negative balance?

If the permit account has a negative balance, you can request a refund or have the balance applied to your next inspection bill. Refund requests must … Read More

June 1, 2017

How do I schedule a sprinkler/standpipe flow test?

A sprinkler or standpipe system flow test must be performed by a Certified Master Fire Suppression contractor holding a class A or B license issued … Read More

How do I renew a fuel oil or central air (A/C-Refrig.) permit?

Contact the FDNY thirty (30) days prior to expiration of the permit account to schedule the re-inspection, which must be performed annually. This specific unit … Read More

What if my permit account expired and I’m still awaiting an inspection?

Contact the District Office associated with your permit account to ensure that they’ve generated an inspection request. The FDNY’s District Office Headquarters can be reached … Read More

How do I pay an FDNY permit account inspection bill?

A check for the balance due should be made payable to the New York City Fire Department and mailed alongside a copy of the bill … Read More

What happens if an FDNY permit account bill goes unpaid?

The FDNY initially sends each permit account owner (holder) a letter and invoice requesting payment. Balances that remain unpaid within 30 days of the initial … Read More

What if my FDNY permit account has a balance due?

If an FDNY permit account has a balance greater than $0.00, the account is attached to an unpaid inspection fee. If you believe this balance is … Read More

Who is responsible for scheduling FDNY Permit Account inspections?

In many cases, the FDNY will schedule permit account inspections. Depending on the permit account type and related District Office, this responsibility may fall to … Read More

How often are FDNY permit accounts inspected?

Most permit accounts expire five years from the initial approval/inspection date. Oftentimes an inspection will be scheduled before the expiration date. That said, some specific … Read More

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