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Are DOB Fines Increasing?

Is the DOB really issuing more violations, and if so, where and why? These are the questions we’re looking to answer in SiteCompli’s State of the Neighborhoods series report.

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The FDNY's administrative branch regulates fire-safety related permits, equipment, certifications, and more. The FDNY issues violations via the ECB and through an independent process, some of which can lead to criminal court and charges.

The Department of Buildings is a central New York City compliance agency that has jurisdiction over every structure within the five boroughs.

HPD enforces housing quality standards in residential properties across all five boroughs. HPD inspects housing complaints, issues violations, and runs enforcement programs.

The ECB is a judiciary tribunal that doesn't issue violations, but instead hosts hearings for other NYC agencies issuing administrative violations. The ECB is also commonly known as the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, or OATH.


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Webinar – How To Comply With NYC’s Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

Anti-Harassment training laws are in effect, both for New York City and New York State. State requirements are due this coming October, mandatory for all employees on an annual basis (with NYC’s due date following next March). This means everyone at your company from your property managers to your supers, and even administrative staff will need to undergo training and … Read More

2019 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide – May 2019 Update!

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What’s In Your Building Operations Stack?

The number of CRE Tech Solutions out there can be overwhelming – and can make it tough to decide what software will be effective for your team and your business needs. We’ve outlined the landscape of available solutions for building operations teams, along with some tips on what your team should consider when evaluating different types of software platforms.

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