Latest Feature - Mobile Inspections

Detailed Inspections Anywhere You Are

Replace compliance alert emails with actionable tasks, automatically assigned to the right person on your team. Jump start your team’s work process as soon as city agencies make any changes across your portfolio.


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Workflows Workflows

Make Your Operations More Efficient

Set processes for routine projects & issues like storms, move-ins, and more – making sure things are done the right way, every time.

Due Diligence Due Diligence

Get Deeper Property Insights, Faster

View critical compliance data for any prospective property in New York City – instantly.

Teams Teams

Increase Accountability - and Work Faster

Assign Tasks to a Team of people to make sure they’re picked up and the ball gets rolling.

Live Chat Live Chat

Compliance Expertise, On Demand

SiteCompli’s Live Chat means trained compliance experts are waiting on standby, ready to help close a violation, suggest best practices, or guide you through your account.

Tenant Portal Tenant Portal

Keep Tenants Happy & Staff Uninterrupted

InCheck by SiteCompli’s Tenant Portal connects your tenants to your team 24/7, letting your team handle projects tenants can track and view – without taking up your staff’s time.

Call Center Call Center

Connect with Tenants & Prevent Complaints

SiteCompli’s Call Center ensures your tenants can contact you without overburdening your staff or creating unnecessary work.

InCheck Mobile App InCheck Mobile App

Get More Done - Anywhere

Don’t get stuck behind your desk – take your work onsite or on-the-go with the InCheck Mobile App.

New for Annual Safety Notice Mailings 2019 New for Annual Safety Notice Mailings 2019

Protect Your Company From Risk

Learn the latest features designed by compliance and management experts to ensure your company meets NYC’s requirements for annual safety notice mailings.

SiteCompli Executive Summary SiteCompli Executive Summary

Give Your Team the Blueprint for Compliance Success

Answer questions like “How many complaints turn into violations on our buildings?” and “How are we trending on defaults over this calendar year?” with just one click.

Task Types Task Types

Capture the Critical Information You Need

Finishing a Task doesn’t always mean checking something off. Easily require a Task to capture images or signatures before completion.

User Roles User Roles

Get The Right Person for the Job - Automatically

InCheck automatically assigns Tasks to specific people based on their User Role. Through staff changes, portfolio expansions, or other future unknowns, you won’t have to worry about work being assigned to the right person.

Stove Knob Cover Mailings Stove Knob Cover Mailings

Handle NYC's newest residential requirement automatically

In late 2018, NYC passed their latest rule requiring multifamily owners and managers to provide stove knob cover notices and (if needed or requested) stove knob covers.

Automatic Compliance Alerts to Tasks Automatic Compliance Alerts to Tasks

Never Lose Track of Compliance Work

Replace compliance alert emails with actionable tasks, automatically assigned to the right person on your team.

Scheduling Scheduling

Make Following Company Policies Automatic

Powerful technology lets your team schedule Inspections, preventive maintenance routines, and more at intervals of your choosing – ensuring things happen at your buildings exactly when you need them to, without you even having to think about it.


Take Control Of Your Building Operations Playbook

Now you can assess and improve your team’s policies in record time. Review all your company’s critical Standard Operating Procedures in one place.

Bulk Triggering Bulk Triggering

Assign Portfolio-Wide Work in One Click

InCheck’s Bulk Triggering feature assigns the same work to multiple locations or assets at once, in just a single click.