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Automatic Compliance Alerts to Tasks

Never Lose Track of
Compliance Work

Replace compliance alert emails with actionable tasks, automatically assigned to the right person on your team. At their best, emails require additional steps before you even start work (forwarding it, transferring to another system, or even scribbling on post-it notes). At their worst, emails can get lost or overlooked in someone’s personal inbox, making it easy to miss critically important projects and updates. Don’t be a worst case scenario – jump start your team’s work process as soon as city agencies make any changes across your portfolio. 

Save Time Save Time

Work Without Delay

Instead of spending time working from your inbox (seemingly endless email chains, easily lost communications, and no way to track what’s getting done), jump-start your team’s processes with Tasks created automatically from compliance changes – whether it’s a new violation or an upcoming inspection, your team will have a head start on making sure it gets taken care of.

Tasks are automatically assigned to the right people on your team when a new issue comes in from NYC agencies
Track progress of compliance items from end-to-end, without having to scour through old emails or send out a round of new ones
Use InCheck’s powerful Task-related tools to capture images, records, and more – even on the go with the InCheck mobile app
More Oversight More Oversight

Know What Your Team is Doing – and What They’re Not Doing

Don’t let important company work (especially work that can result in thousands of dollars of city penalties) get lost in someone’s private Inbox. With InCheck’s automatic Tasks, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your team is on the job for whatever compliance change comes their way.

See which compliance items are in your team’s ongoing queue
Reassign and re-prioritize work as needed
Communicate and collaborate directly in InCheck, where everything’s stored for future reference
Easy Customization Easy Customization

Flexibility For Your Entire Management Team

Key members of your team can customize the Tasks and alerts they receive depending on the work they do, and how you need them to get it done:

Specific members of your team can easily set up automatic compliance tasks for specific things they’re responsible for
Tasks can also be created directly from SiteCompli alerts, so you won’t miss any changes that come through

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.