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Bulk Triggering

Assign Portfolio-Wide Work in One Click

Want to perform grounds inspections at every building? What about required local law inspections for every unit across your portfolio? InCheck’s Bulk Triggering feature assigns the same work to multiple locations or assets at once, in just a single click. 

Increase Efficiency Increase Efficiency

Issue Work Everywhere In Seconds 

Save time by making sure work gets done everywhere you need it done, without any extra administrative effort.

Workflows can be triggered for multiple units, properties, or assets (equipment, pools, gyms, and more) at the same time
Bulk triggering can also be used for Workflows set to a recurring schedule, creating work at multiple locations at a set interval (think quarterly inspections or monthly preventive maintenance checks)
Work is always assigned to the right people, based on the roles and teams you’ve designated for each property

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.