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SiteCompli Executive Summary

Give your team the blueprint
for compliance success 

Answer questions like “How many complaints turn into violations on our buildings?” and “How are we trending on defaults over this calendar year?” with just one click.

Customize Customize

Experience the Most Powerful & Flexible Report

We know you have areas of compliance and specific buildings you’re interested in digging into. The Executive Summary Report allows you to:

Select a building, a group of properties or the entire portfolio for the report
Create custom time frames to analyze changes across a month, a quarter or a year’s time
Set the report to automatically recurring so it gets to the right people, when they need it
Deep Dive Deep Dive

Instant Portfolio Analytics

The Executive Summary Report tracks how your buildings are handling compliance, including:

Violations broken down by agency and how you’re tracking on closing them out
Detailed metrics on the types of complaints hitting your properties, and what percentage resulted in violation, were closed, or remain open
A snapshot of boiler and elevator inspections that are in compliance and those that need additional attention
Improve Improve

Turn Data into Action

Becoming more efficient & saving money doesn’t have to take months or years. Use the Executive Summary Report to:

Highlight any DOB ECB Class 1 Violations or HPD Class C Violations that could escalate into major fines
Identify the agencies where violations cost you the most, and rally your team around improving performance
Focus your people on contacting vendors for any equipment inspections that need follow-up

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.