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NEW for Annual Safety Notice Mailings in 2019

Maximize Your Response Rate

New York City’s annual safety notice mailings requirement doesn’t have to be a burden. SiteCompli continues to make this process easier and more automated with a whole new set of features for 2019 . Distribute notices, track responses, and take action portfolio wide without even having to touch a single card – all with SiteCompli. 

SiteCompli’s annual safety notice mailings service combines innovative technology with NYC’s most trusted compliance experts to bring you an end-to-end solution, and the highest industry response rates.

Action Items Button Action Items Button

Know Exactly What Your Buildings Need

Collecting responses is only the first part – SiteCompli helps you handle the critical second step with the new Action Items Button. You’ll know exactly what you need to do for every response you receive:

Action Items are outlined based on each tenant’s response (repair window guards, inspections needed, etc.)
Handle Action Items immediately by clicking the button, which assigns work & allows you to track updates in SiteCompli
View aggregate Action Items across your portfolio through instant reports and analytics
New Mobile App New Mobile App

Log Responses On-The-Go

Your team members need to be able to work on the ground and submit changes on the fly. SiteCompli’s Mobile App for Annual Safety Notice Mailings lets you track new responses, reachout attempts, and more – all from your mobile device:

Log in-person responses and attempts directly from your mobile device
Snap pictures, take notes, and schedule follow-up work without being stuck behind your desk
Visit to access and adjust Safety Notice records in the field
Smart Inspection Log Smart Inspection Log

Automate Reachout Attempts

Mandatory manual reachouts shouldn’t have to be overwhelming – make gathering responses easy and recording them automatic with SiteCompli’s Smart Inspection Log.

Automatically included with your unlimited Manual Forms for each building – just color in the mark as each Form is delivered
The Log can be uploaded to SiteCompli via fax or email, recording all your delivery attempts automatically (without having to spend time staring at your computer)
These attempts are included in your mandatory letter to the DOHMH at the conclusion of annual safety notice mailings season, saving you the time of drafting it from scratch

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.