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Stove Knob Cover Mailings

Comply With NYC’s Newest Requirement

In late 2018, NYC passed their latest rule requiring multifamily owners and managers to provide stove knob cover notices and (if needed or requested) stove knob covers. Separate from the annual safety notice mailings requirement, this cumbersome process is made easy & straightforward using SiteCompli.

Save Time Save Time

New Rules Doesn’t Have to Mean More Work

Don’t get trapped by the manual work that always accompanies a new regulation. SiteCompli’s Stove Knob Cover Mailing service ensures your team can get the information they need to follow the new law while saving precious time.

SiteCompli handles the mailing, mandated information delivery, and instant response collection (via web portal and phone)
Monitor all responses directly in SiteCompli, and create on-demand or recurring reports to view responses across your portfolio
SiteCompli’s integrated tools let you log inspections, fulfill stove knob cover requests, and review required actions all in one place

Stay in Compliance Without Going Over Budget

SiteCompli’s team of industry experts ensures your company will be in compliance with all aspects of this new regulation, including parts that differ from the lead paint and window guard requirements, without breaking the bank or inundating your staff.

Electronic responses (as provided by law) reduces overall mailing costs per unit and keeps your expenses for complying at the lowest possible rate
Combined with SiteCompli’s Annual Safety Notice Mailings service, Stove Knob Cover Notices keep you in compliance and under budget
Slipping a line about stove knobs into your annual safety notice mailing may not be enough to comply – let NYC’s trusted compliance experts handle this brand new requirement for you

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.