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Teams & Acceptance

Don’t Fall Behind,
No Matter Who’s On Schedule

Work waits for no one: whether the best person for the job is on vacation, or you’re not even sure exactly who needs to handle the task, it still needs to get done. That’s why SiteCompli created Teams – a first-of-its-kind feature that lets you assign Tasks to groups of individuals instead of just a single person. 

Do More Together Do More Together

Spring Into Action

Steps in Workflows and individual Tasks can be assigned to Teams, letting you delegate which working group is responsible for handling any issue. This way, work begins when you want it to – regardless of who’s on the schedule.

Group people in your organization into Teams to ensure coverage and visibility, e.g. Maintenance, Grounds, Tenant Relations, Security etc.
Any member within a specific Team can see Tasks assigned to them, and pick them up based on their work schedule or the company’s needs
Teams can track who’s individually handling what, and how that stacks against the rest of the company’s work at any time
Increase Visibility Increase Visibility

Drive Transparency & Accountability 

Reduce miscommunication and duplicate work – with Teams, everyone knows what needs to get done, and what group of people is responsible.

Team members are able to see what’s been picked up and actively being worked on, and what still needs attention
Company-wide views let you see the current workload across your entire organization, and constantly evaluate what’s most important to your business
Team assignments aren’t available in common productivity applications – only in software that’s custom built for property management teams: InCheck
Stay On Task Stay On Task

Save Time and Eliminate Confusion

It’s easier than ever to begin a large project at any time, especially with your Teams at the ready:

Team coverage ensures that even if one person is out sick or on vacation, the entire project keeps moving along without lost time
Forget the back-and-forth from checking to see if something has been taken care of yet – SiteCompli gives you real time visibility into what’s been picked up and what hasn’t

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.