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Tenant Portal

Keep Tenants Happy Without
Interrupting Your Staff

Give your tenants a way to directly connect with your organization at any time, without impacting your team’s must-do’s. InCheck by SiteCompli’s Tenant Portal ties external resident requests into your SiteCompli account, letting your team handle tenant projects they can track and view – without taking up your staff’s time.

Assess & Take Action Assess & Take Action

Streamline Inbound Requests

Together with InCheck’s integrated Call Center, tenants have several options to communicate with your team – without interrupting anyone’s work:

Tenants can log in to submit a request, providing a detailed message that’s saved to your SiteCompli account
Your staff members can view the request, update the status, and focus on doing the work instead of fielding calls
Updates recorded by your team in InCheck are automatically shared to the Tenant Portal
Info Available 24/7 Info Available 24/7

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Whether they’re captured in the Tenant Portal or the Call Center, your team can review and work on requests in one place – your SiteCompli account:

Requests can be turned into Tasks, making sure your team is on top of any work that needs to get done
Tenants can check their Portal for request updates, including scheduled work – linked directly to actions taken in your InCheck account
Tenants know where to get information 24/7, so they won’t constantly reach out to your staff. Your team can focus on getting the job done

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.