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User Roles

Get The Right Person for
the Job – Automatically

Let’s say you have multiple properties with multiple staff members managing those properties. Don’t juggle who to contact at which building when you need stuff done – let InCheck do the work for you.

InCheck automatically assigns Tasks to specific people based on their User Role. So even if there’s staff changes, portfolio expansions, or other future unknowns, you’ll always have the comfort of knowing work has been assigned to the right person – without you having to manually intervene.

Smart Assignment Smart Assignment

Plan Today for Work Tomorrow

Whether you’re an organization that moves folks around, or you’re a large team with many individuals, User Roles helps identify who needs to do specific work without you having to guess the name of the individual involved.

Assign critical Tasks to User Roles (Property Manager, Superintendent, Engineer, etc.) at a specific building
Even if staff assignments change in the future, your specific Task will always be assigned to someone who matches that User Role
You won’t have to worry about manually changing processes after staff changes – InCheck automatically assigns the right jobs to the right people every time

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.