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Make Working Together

There’s a better way to set up standard processes for your team to follow. Workflows save you time and ensure that your team follows the process you set – whether it’s for a weather emergency, tenant move-out, routine inspection, and more. 

Increase Efficiency Increase Efficiency

Manage Projects Faster and Better

Workflows are customizable groups of Tasks that relate to larger projects. With the click of a button, you can make sure the right Tasks are assigned to the right people, and projects are completed according to your standards.

With Workflows, you can:

Deploy groups of Tasks that are automatically assigned to the right people or Teams in your organization
Easily identify progress for each project, spotting if and when there are any breaks in the chain
Edit Workflows at any time and save them to your company’s Library, building an easily referenced guide for your team to follow
Standardize Standardize

Get it Right, Every Time

When it comes to your buildings, you have high standards and you know there’s little room for error. Workflows help you get the steps right for every project, every time.

New hires are quickly onboarded without a long training period – everything they need to do & know is captured in the Workflows you’ve established
Updating Workflows updates the way your team tackles projects easily & instantly, without having to change a bulky manual or send an easily misplaced email
Having a central system for all your company processes helps uncover repeated slow-downs or areas for improvement – and means you can make an instant fix to the process
Improve Improve

Tap Into Industry Best Practices

SiteCompli’s built-in Library of step-by-step Workflows lets you tap into our vast experience of cultivating knowledge from thousands of property management teams across the country:

Broaden your team’s working operational knowledge by triggering new Workflows from our Library
Confirm that your company’s way of doing things aligns with industry-standard best practices
Use templates from the Workflow Library “as is” or modify them to fit your team’s needs

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.