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Annual Safety Notice Mailings

The Best Mailing Platform Goes Beyond Responses

Mailings season isn’t just about saving the responses – being in compliance means knowing what actions need to happen across your portfolio, and making sure they get done.

Only InCheck gets you through all of annual safety notice season – from tracking responses to taking action – with the least amount of hassle and lowest risk.

Industry-High Response Rates Made Easy

The most ways for tenants to quickly respond: mail, online, phone, and fax.

Easy response capture with the InCheck Mobile App.

Automated reminders sent to non-responsive tenants.

Unlimited, on-demand form printing for staff follow-ups.

The Most Efficient Way To Take Action

Assign and track actions for every response – including in bulk – so you know what work is happening (or needs to happen ASAP).

Built-in best practice templates for required inspections and installations.

Comprehensive reporting shows response and action status.

Seamless Compliance

One-click letters to the DOHMH include any documented follow-up attempts.

Available mailing and tracking for required Stove Knob Cover Notices.

InCheck makes mailings effortless, follow-ups faster, and teams more compliant & less at-risk.

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With SiteCompli, all bases are covered, especially on something so serious.

Rashaad Middleton
Property Manager
R.E.M. Residential

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