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Data & Alerts

Superior Data Keeps You One Step Ahead

With the widest array of NYC agency data plus intuitive tools to customize exactly what each user on your team sees and when, you won’t miss a thing with SiteCompli.

Critical Information You Can Rely On

Whether we’re building strong relationships with city agencies or the infrastructure that stores your most critical compliance information, SiteCompli invests heavily in bringing you more accurate, timely, and pertinent data.

The broadest array of NYC agency compliance information, covering the DOB, HPD, FDNY, DSNY, DOHMH, DEP, DOT, DEC, County Clerk, and more
The leader in bringing unprecedented agency data to our users, including hard-to-get and offline information
SiteCompli’s Data Insights team works directly with the city to deliver more multi-faceted and higher-quality data in real time

Tailored Information Cuts Through The Noise

You shouldn’t have to deal with information you don’t need. With SiteCompli, it’s easy to automatically filter out compliance data that isn’t relevant to you or your building, saving you precious time.

Customized alert settings for every individual on your team help you cut through the noise & focus on critical issues as they happen
Automatically recurring custom and built-in reports get tailored information to your team on-demand
Executive and property manager-level custom Dashboards give you oversight into compliance issues that matter most to you, as soon as you log in

Context That Makes Data Actionable

Accurate data is important – knowing how to respond and what to do with that data is critical. SiteCompli’s contextual and in-app information guide your team and help optimize the way your organization is run.

Analysis of violations, complaints, and more help you identify trends earlier – and respond more quickly to brewing problems
Intuitive Executive Summary reports show you compliance performance over time, letting you easily identify operational successes and challenges
Built-in tools help your team take action on compliance issues without any wasted time

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