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Reports & Analytics

Optimize Your Organization With Built-In Tools

In-depth reporting on your team’s compliance performance and progress – delivered when you need it.

Review and Improve Company Performance

Instantly identify trends to help you make data-driven decisions for your company’s compliance strategy with the Executive Summary report – only available in SiteCompli.

Identify which agencies and compliance items your team is dealing with the most, and rally your team around performance improvement
Answer questions like “How many complaints turn into violations on our buildings?” and “How are we trending on defaults over this calendar year?” with just one click.
Build custom timeframes based on your team’s needs – monthly, quarterly, annually, or more

Custom Reports, Delivered Automatically

Different roles at your organization have different needs when it comes to reviewing compliance information. In SiteCompli, you can create detailed custom Excel reports or high-level presentation quality PDFs featuring the exact data you need, on demand.

Select specific compliance information to build your customized Excel report, or quickly export from any agency page in SiteCompli
Set any report to automatically recur & deliver to your team (or anyone who needs it) based on a schedule of your choosing

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