What is Building Operations?

Learn how the best run property management teams handle day-to-day tasks and processes – at every single building

Streamlining Building Operations means making processes more consistent. When teams address the lack of standard operating procedures at their organization, they can see:



Reduction in overall cost

Reduction in Business Risk

Do These Building Operations Challenges Sound Familiar?

Untrackable Methods

Using manual, untrackable methods to document and track key property management info – such as tenant requests, follow-up documentation for maintenance, and who is handling what at each building.

Time Wasted

Teams waste hundreds of hours following up, searching for documentation, training employees, and dealing with escalated issues when there’s a lack of Standard Operating Procedures for how processes and tasks should get done at each building.

No Accountability

There’s no accountability for who is handling what, consistency in how issues are handled, or insight into how to improve operations and grow the portfolio.

Improving Building Operations - Get the Resources

The Basics: What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

Why you should (and how you can) use SOPs to increase efficiency across your portfolio

Considering Building Operations Software?

The Property Management Tech Stack is growing – how do you know which software is right for your portfolio?

What Are Property Managers Wasting Time On?

Operational time-wasters are costing you money. How can you identify where you staff can automate processes?

Our Approach: Great Buildings Deserve a Better Building Operations Software

We believe it’s critical to have a solution in place that’s built specifically for managing day-to-day operations at your buildings – from responding to tenant needs, to routine inspections, to managing and documenting incidents, to tracking paperwork and due dates.

Smooth building operations ensure the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your team while helping you reduce risk – and grow your portfolio.

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