NYC Compliance Automation

Powerful Workflow Tools

Automate Your
Building Operations

Automate your operations with integrated workflow tools, and watch your team spend less time on paperwork and get more done.

Prevent Compliance Issues from Happening in the First Place

Reduce risk and take action with integrated, automated tools that help your team collaborate:

  • Get ongoing detailed alerts with important changes across your portfolio
  • Send automatically recurring reports to your entire team
  • Store notes and files you can recall or review at any time
  • Check key compliance dates automatically on your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar
  • Create robust work orders at your desk or on the go with our mobile app

SiteCompli brings transparency and clarity to a complex compliance picture.

Richard Blaser
Skyline NY Management Solutions

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Urban American saves time and increases efficiency with SiteCompli New York

James Eisenberg, Executive VP at Urban American, explains how using SiteCompli New York allows his team to be more efficient at handling compliance tasks, saving time to focus on proactive company-wide initiatives that impact the bottom line.