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4 Weeks of Compliance Answers are Here!

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Posted By Kristen Hariton

After 4 weeks of questions, we’ve got your answers – detailed responses to each 4 Weeks of Compliance: Quiz Edition are listed below. From the DOB and HPD to new rules and increased fines, this answer key acts as a great primer for many of the changes owners and managers will have to face this year.

As an aside, we want to congratulate our final winner from Week 4 (Antonia Q.) and our overall challenge winner (Andrew V.)! While the contest is over, you can still challenge your colleagues to see who knows best when it comes to NYC rules. Of course, the real winning is making sure your building is prepared for 2018 and beyond. Review your answers, and make sure you’re ready for a new year in compliance:

Week One: Elevators 101

1. How often would you submit a Category 1 inspection?

2. Yes or No: The fine for an EVCAT1 violation is the same as the fine for an ACC1 violation.

3. Yes or No: The fine for an EVCAT1 violation is the same as the fine for an EVCAT5 violation.

4. Which of these forms is used for Category 1 and PVT corrections (and not ECB related compliance questions)?

5. Take your best guess: To the nearest 10,000, how many elevators are there in NYC under the DOB's jurisdiction?

Week Two: Filing Frenzy

How many violations can the DOB issue within one year for failing to file a single LL84 Benchmarking report?

2. Name the two separate types of DOB inspections required for high pressure boilers.

3. Yes or No: Buildings larger than 25,000 square feet now have to comply with Local Law 84 AND Local Law 87.

4. Which façade cycle are we currently in (2017)?

5. Finally, how often (in years) do you have to submit a LL87 EER (Energy Efficiency Report)?

Week Three: New Construction Regulations

What's the new penalty for violating a Stop Work Order the first time at a property?

2. The new minimum penalty for Work Without a Permit violations is $6,000 or (number) times the amount of the permit fee, whichever is greater.

3. Yes or No: Work Without a Permit penalties will be double the amount that would have otherwise been imposed if there are more than two Work Without a Permit violations at a site within the calendar year.

4. Properties that exceed this measurement will be subject to at least twice the civil penalty for DOB-ECB violations that would have otherwise been imposed.

5. How many years will contractors with Work Without a Permit violations remain on the DOB's watchlist (assuming they don't get any additional Work Without a Permit violations)?

Week Four: Housing Rules

1. Which class of HPD violations are defined as immediately hazardous?

2. Which class of HPD violations are orders from the commissioner?

3. Yes or No: Starting this heat season, there is no outside temperature requirement during the hours of 10 PM - 6 AM; it must always be at least 62 degrees inside.

4. Every January, HPD designates about 250 severely distressed city buildings with qualifying conditions to participate in this program:

5. Yes or No: HPD has the power to issue open market orders for ERP's for uncorrected DOB Class 1 elevator violations

Kristen Hariton

Kristen Hariton is the Product Marketing Strategist at SiteCompli. A member of the SiteCompli team since March 2013, Kristen has learned more about compliance and property operations than she ever thought possible. When she's not sharing the latest industry trends, changes, and updates, she's planning her next adventure to Walt Disney World.

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