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The Best Run Buildings Have Standard Operating Procedures

Why implementing SOPs for your building operations team is a time-saving, efficiency-increasing no-brainer.


Webinar – Understanding How The Climate Mobilization Act Impacts Your Buildings

Webinar Overview The Climate Mobilization Act was released with much fanfare, especially Local Law 97 – legislation that mandates owners to reduce carbon emissions across their portfolios. To reach the city-wide goal of reducing total carbon emissions by 80% before 2050, buildings will need to meet specific emissions targets defined by their use type. Owners that do not meet their … Read More

4 Things You Can’t Miss for Move-Ins (& Move-Outs)

Move-outs aren’t just about checking the status of appliances or fixtures – it’s preparing paperwork, changing locks, getting the keys back, and much more. Letting one step fall through the cracks can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Treating moves as a multi-step project instead of a single Inspection makes all the difference. We’ve listed four key steps … Read More

Webinar – Save Time & Stay Compliant This Annual Safety Notice Mailings Season

Webinar Overview The second webinar in our Lunchtime Learning series, this 20-minute session will review best practices for Annual Safety Notice Mailings season, and how you can use InCheck’s newest features to help your team stay in compliance this winter and beyond. When: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 – 12:00 PM Register to view our FREE webinar recording today! Thank you … Read More

Webinar – How InCheck Users Are Getting More Done With Their Executive Summary Report

Webinar Overview The first webinar in our Lunchtime Learning series, this 20-minute session will cover how InCheck users are taking information from the Executive Summary Report and using it to power their business forward. Join us as we hit the highlights of a sample Executive Summary Report, and point out best practices for turning your company data into a blueprint … Read More

Featured NYC Agencies

The FDNY’s administrative branch regulates fire-safety related permits, equipment, certifications, and more. The FDNY issues violations via the ECB and through an independent process, some of which can lead to criminal court and charges.

The Department of Buildings is a central New York City compliance agency that has jurisdiction over every structure within the five boroughs.

HPD enforces housing quality standards in residential properties across all five boroughs. HPD inspects housing complaints, issues violations, and runs enforcement programs.

The ECB is a judiciary tribunal that doesn’t issue violations, but instead hosts hearings for other NYC agencies issuing administrative violations. The ECB is also commonly known as the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, or OATH.