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The Race For 2025: NYC’s Biggest Year In Compliance

Webinar Overview With a multitude of first-time filings and newer regulations coming due in 2025, it could be the biggest year yet for local law compliance in New York City. Join SiteCompli for a discussion with expert panelists on some of the biggest challenges facing property owners and managers in 2025, and how they can mitigate risk today. We’ll be … Read More

The Big Book Of NYC Local Law Compliance – 2024 Edition

It’s not hyperbole – last year brought on more requirements for properties in the five boroughs than ever before. And 2024 kicks off several new regulations, many that are increasingly complex. Our team is here to simplify things. This Guide is your key to understanding what’s required for most NYC properties, and how to stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance … Read More

Understanding Parking Structure Requirements – Cycle 1

There’s been a number of changes to parking structure requirements in New York City – and we’re still in the first ever cycle of filings. Download our infographic to understand: The difference between annual observations and the conditions assessment Who can perform a conditions assessment What you need to do depending on your filing subcycle Why the first annual observation … Read More

2024 NYC Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss resource for NYC managers is back and bringing you key dates for local law compliance in 2024. SiteCompli’s 2024 NYC Compliance Checklist includes the latest changes, updates, and best practices you’ll want to know before the new year. Here’s some of this year’s highlights: Quick overview of new Sanitation, Structural, and Lead-Related Regulations Additional dates for parking … Read More

December 2023 Compliance Crush Reminders

Download the December 2023 Compliance Crush Reminders onesheet to get a quick recap of structural & residential requirements due on December 31, 2023. You’ll also get helpful reminders for early 2024 requirements, and new ones you’ll want to keep in mind for future years.

SiteCompli Insights: The State of NYC Violations 2023

The State of NYC Violations 2023 is the latest report from SiteCompli Insights, reviewing key details behind city agency trends. First shared at RealFocus 2023, the report reviews some of the biggest findings from this year, including: Just how much citywide violations have increased since the pandemic Which agencies saw the largest increases – and which agency’s totals went down … Read More

Local Law 97 Rule Making Updates And What They Mean For You

Webinar Overview The rules are released, and the new date is set – join us for our rescheduled webinar! One of the first Local Law 97 due dates is specifically for affordable and rent stabilized housing – is your team prepared to meet the 2024 deadline now that critical details have been clarified? And for market rate buildings, better understand … Read More

How To Pay Your OATH Fines

OATH is NYC’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings that adjudicates city matters and hosts hearings for summonses issued by several different agencies. In our first OATH guide, we covered the fundamental aspects of handling OATH hearings, filing certificates of correction, paying fines, and more. In this guide, we’ll provide more detailed information on where and how to submit payments … Read More

Proactive Compliance Manager: New Features & Tools For Your Team

Webinar Overview Join SiteCompli as we review upcoming features specifically designed to make it even easier for your team to proactively manage compliance and prevent violations. A quick rundown of some of our newest features, including Views, InCheck Initiative boards, and Smart Stickers NEW Compliance Manager tools designed to help your team easily track requirements like Local Law 152, Local … Read More

Critical Information When It Comes To OATH

OATH is NYC’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings that adjudicates city matters and hosts hearings for summonses issued by several different agencies. Download our guide above and learn more about how to handle OATH hearings, filing certificates of correction, paying fines, and more!

2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide

The highly-awaited 2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide has returned! Check out the latest and greatest best practices for your team, updated compliance requirements and the must-know dates for the year. Some industry trends and regulations covered include: New Periodic Elevator Inspection Rules Cooling Tower updates and reminders DSNY trash take out and pickup times The latest Local Law … Read More

How To Stay Compliant With Green Initiatives

In an effort to protect the City’s environmental footprint and make buildings more efficient, the DOB has passed various green initiatives that NYC property owners must comply with. Download our guide above and learn more about key green-centric rules for NYC properties, and how your team can manage them with InCheck by SiteCompli.

2023 Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss resource for NYC managers is back and bringing you 2023’s key dates. SiteCompli’s 2023 Compliance Checklist for NYC includes the latest and most crucial updates on real estate compliance that will affect your properties going forward. What’s new this year? DSNY trash rules that set rules for buildings to place trash outside and establishes rat mitigation zones … Read More

InCheck Guide to Building Your Team’s Best Practices

In property management, it’s fair to say that business operations never take a pause. That’s why having set policies and procedures in place is the key to bridging communication gaps, reducing error, and enhancing overall productivity. Dive into the 3 critical steps InCheck users are taking to build out their team’s best practices: Identifying pain points Implementing company best practices … Read More

2023 Compliance Trends To Watch Out For

Webinar Overview If there’s anything property management teams in NYC know for certain, it’s that nothing is ever certain and everything is subject to change! SiteCompli is joining forces with the team at Prise NY to kick off the year once again, and talk about what’s in store for 2023, including: What’s changing with DSNY pickup rules, and when Construction … Read More

SiteCompli Insights: The State of NYC Violations 2022

For the past few years, SiteCompli has been talking to property management teams across the city about how the pandemic impacted their properties and daily operations. One consistent trend we identified was the falling violation counts in 2020, then the sharp rise immediately following the next year. With any drastic change, it’s important to go back and look at the … Read More

Starting The Race: What The New Local Law 97 Rules Mean For You

Webinar Overview While enforcement of Local Law 97 has been slowly approaching, the actual rules for following this law were just released for the first time in October of 2022. Join SiteCompli and Marc Zuluaga (PE, Co-Founder of Cadence OneFive, and former CEO of Steven Winter Associates) as we review the city’s proposed rules, and how your team can prepare … Read More

The Future Of Onsite Property Inspections

The results are in. We asked industry professionals what their current inspection process was, and what their greatest pain points were, in order to understand how property ops teams are moving forward to make huge impacts on their bottom line. Click Download above to find out what we learned.

Webinar – Summer NYC Compliance Check-In

Webinar Overview We’re halfway through 2022, which means it’s time to review what’s left on this year’s NYC Compliance Checklist! Join Kristen and Ahmad as we walk through what to expect from city agencies this year, and how other teams are tackling their compliance challenges. Here’s just some of what we’ll review: Getting your Local Law 31 response together before … Read More

Webinar – 3 Steps To The Best Make Readys

Webinar Overview Efficient processes for make readys are the cornerstone of great property management organizations. Every team wants to reduce time-to-profit without sacrificing quality inspections and thorough fixes. So how do you manage? We’re going through the good, better, and best ways to handle make readys in this quick (and efficient) webinar. You’ll learn: How to build your full-circle make … Read More

2022 Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss resource for NYC managers is back and bringing you 2022’s key dates. SiteCompli’s 2022 Compliance Checklist for NYC includes the latest and most crucial updates on real estate compliance that will affect your properties going forward. What’s new this year? Updated extensions for LL 152 filings and the FAIRER OATH Amnesty program The end of FISP Subcycle … Read More

Quick-Start Guide for Faster, Better Inspections

Doing unit inspections the same old way exposes your business to liability & wasted time – click Download above to view some quick ways for your team to adapt, and get more value out of all your inspections.

Webinar – 5 Things We Learned From Property Operations Teams This Year

Webinar Overview After nearly two years dealing with global challenges on top of the already-challenging property operations industry, management teams are now looking towards the future. Join the SiteCompli team as we recap learnings from this year’s industry events and tradeshows, thoughts from property management’s biggest players, and more — all focused on how teams are looking to improve and … Read More

Webinar – 3 Critical Steps for Tackling Local Law 97 At Your Properties Now

Webinar Overview While Local Law 97 emissions requirements may see some changes in the coming years, one thing is for certain – properties that do not meet compliance targets will face sky-high financial penalties in the coming years. Join SiteCompli and the building performance experts from Steven Winter Associates as we review practical steps for your team to get out … Read More

Mastering Document Management For Property Operations Teams

Without automated document management, employees spend 400+ hours per year just LOOKING for documents. That’s thousands of dollars in wasted labor and efficiency costs for your management organization. Find out how property ops teams are getting up to 50% of their time back by mastering document management. These teams are making their records work for them, automatically.

Webinar – Your Guide To Automating NYC Local Law Compliance

Webinar Overview Looking for solutions in the face of new and complicated city regulations? Look no further! We’ve got you covered on the letter of the law and how your team can stay compliant. Join SiteCompli’s Seth Dotterer (CEO) and Jack Wurtzel (VP – Product) as they share some of the latest developments in property operations technology, and how they’ll … Read More

Webinar – Top Compliance Trends To Watch In 2021

Webinar Overview If there’s anything property management teams in NYC know for certain, it’s that nothing is ever certain and everything is subject to change. SiteCompli joined forces with Adam Batista at Prise to talk about some of the biggest changes managers have faced since last year, and what’s in store for 2021 and beyond, including: How tackling COVID has … Read More

Transforming Your Property Operations Using People-Centric Smart Automation

People-Centric Smart Automation In a post-2021 world, owners and managers have been stretched to the max, tasked with doing more work than ever before with less – less onsite staff, less resources, and less guidance. This challenge has surfaced one of the biggest issues facing property operations leaders today – how can you achieve scalable NOI boosts (or even stability) … Read More

2021 Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss checklist is back and bringing you 2021’s key due dates. SiteCompli’s 2021 NYC Compliance Checklist includes the latest and most crucial updates on real estate compliance that will affect your properties. What’s new this year? Local Law 152 gas piping inspections (with requirements even if you don’t have a gas piping system!) Deadlines for updated Energy Efficiency … Read More

Propmodo Webinar – How to Prepare a Multifamily Building for Uncertainty

Webinar Overview Join experts from Propmodo, AKAM Living, Oculus Realty, and SiteCompli as they cover how to plan for the unforeseen using technology and your team. Elevated occupancy, atypical usage, and changing COVID-19 precautions have made managing a multifamily building harder than ever. The building managers that have been able to adapt to these changes are ones that had standard … Read More

InCheck Guide to Smart Automation

InCheck uses smart automation to power the things you do, enabling your team to get more done with less. Learn more about how organizations use smart automation to operate better properties and increase NOI: Automatically enforce your team’s Standard Operating Procedures Intelligently assign work to the right people, at the right time Adapt assigned work by teams, roles, or a … Read More

Webinar – NYC Agency Changes & Responses to COVID-19

Webinar Overview PLEASE NOTE – this webinar was held on Thursday, March 26th. For the latest agency changes due to COVID-19, please see our Blog Post. NYC Local Law agencies are making daily, rapid changes to their processes as a result of COVID-19. We’ve highlighted some of the biggest agency changes regarding enforcement, violations, and more – join our live … Read More

Property Management Trends That Impact Your Bottom Line

We asked several property managers across some of the biggest and most innovative teams in the industry — and came away with three huge trends on management data that property teams can’t afford to ignore. Download the one-sheet to see what we learned.

InCheck Guide To Inspections

Find out why managers who use InCheck for property inspections are more protected against the unexpected – and less open to costly risk. Dive into the 3 critical ways InCheck users perform faster, better inspections: Make Inspections Consistent, Automatically Get More Oversight Without More Work Trigger Inspection Follow-Ups Instantly Check out the guide, and see how your team can benefit … Read More

2020 Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss checklist is back and bringing you 2020’s key due dates. SiteCompli’s 2020 NYC Compliance Checklist includes the latest and most crucial updates on real estate compliance that will affect your properties. What’s new this year? Local Law 152 gas piping inspections (with requirements even if you don’t have a gas piping system!) Local Law 55 annual allergen … Read More

Webinar – Understanding How The Climate Mobilization Act Impacts Your Buildings

Webinar Overview The Climate Mobilization Act was released with much fanfare, especially Local Law 97 – legislation that mandates owners to reduce carbon emissions across their portfolios. To reach the city-wide goal of reducing total carbon emissions by 80% before 2050, buildings will need to meet specific emissions targets defined by their use type. Owners that do not meet their … Read More

4 Things You Can’t Miss for Move-Ins (& Move-Outs)

Move-outs aren’t just about checking the status of appliances or fixtures – it’s preparing paperwork, changing locks, getting the keys back, and much more. Letting one step fall through the cracks can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Treating moves as a multi-step project instead of a single Inspection makes all the difference. We’ve listed four key steps … Read More

Webinar – Save Time & Stay Compliant This Annual Safety Notice Mailings Season

Webinar Overview The second webinar in our Lunchtime Learning series, this 20-minute session will review best practices for Annual Safety Notice Mailings season, and how you can use InCheck’s newest features to help your team stay in compliance this winter and beyond. When: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 – 12:00 PM Register to view our FREE webinar recording today! Thank you … Read More

Webinar – How InCheck Users Are Doing More With Their Executive Summary Report

Webinar Overview The first webinar in our Lunchtime Learning series, this 20-minute session will cover how InCheck users are taking information from the Executive Summary Report and using it to power their business forward. Join us as we hit the highlights of a sample Executive Summary Report, and point out best practices for turning your company data into a blueprint … Read More

Webinar – How To Comply With NYC’s Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

Webinar Overview Anti-Harassment training laws are in effect, both for New York City and New York State. State requirements are due this coming October, mandatory for all employees on an annual basis (with NYC’s due date following next March). This means everyone at your company from your property managers to your supers, and even administrative staff will need to undergo … Read More

Webinar – How NYC’s Latest Construction and Housing Regulations Package Impacts Your Buildings

Webinar Overview Don’t miss a comprehensive review of one of NYC’s biggest and most impactful legislation packages for building owners and managers. This past May, the City Council passed several new laws (nearly 20) regarding construction enforcement, tenant-occupied buildings under construction, and permitting restrictions. We’re going to go over key rules within this legislation package, and review how they’ll impact … Read More

2019 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide – May 2019 Update!

NEW FOR MAY 2019: Version 2 of this year’s guide reviews the latest sustainability legislation from the city council, along with new cooling tower requirements. Don’t miss the latest city updates and requirements! SiteCompli’s most popular resource is back, and filled with more best practices and compliance news than ever! The 2019 Guide covers the new critical regulations and industry … Read More

What’s In Your Building Operations Stack?

The number of CRE Tech Solutions out there can be overwhelming – and can make it tough to decide what software will be effective for your team and your business needs. We’ve outlined the landscape of available solutions for building operations teams, along with some tips on what your team should consider when evaluating different types of software platforms.

2019 Elevator & Boiler Guide

UPDATED FOR 2019: Everything you need to know about NYC elevator and boiler compliance is packed into our 2019 download. Whether you’re looking for recent updates on the switch to DOB NOW or want a starter guide for new team members, this resource gives you the information you need to keep you updated on some of the most costly and … Read More

Property Management’s Biggest Time Wasters

How operational time-wasters are costing you money In property management, efficiency is the key to keeping tenants happy and growing your business. How can you identify the areas where your staff is doing too much work? Where can you automate processes so your people can do what they do best – talking to tenants and improving your buildings? We took … Read More

The Best Run Buildings Have Standard Operating Procedures

Having Standard Operating Procedures in place is a no-brainer when it comes to getting work done the way you want it done every time. From reducing risk to saving operating costs, enforcing SOPs across your organization can help your team spend less time focusing on what’s happening every day, and more time on how you want your business to grow. … Read More

Webinar – 5 Things You’re Not Doing in Your SiteCompli Account

Webinar Overview There’s never enough time when it comes to handling building operations & compliance. But there are several ways management teams can save time, cross more off their to-do list, and prevent risk across their portfolio. We’ve gathered 5 stories and best practices from successful NYC managers to share with you so you can bring them back to your … Read More

2019 Compliance Checklist

The yearly can’t-miss checklist is back and bringing you 2019’s key due dates. SiteCompli’s 2019 NYC Compliance Checklist includes the latest and most crucial updates on real estate compliance that will affect your properties. What’s new this year? Annual Stove Knob Notice distribution is required for specific building types Updated Benchmarking report due dates for 2017 data are approaching soon … Read More

Video – 3 Ways Management Teams Are Doing More with InCheck

Check out 3 ways NYC managers are using InCheck to supercharge their compliance responses, alongside everyday operational challenges Learn more about InCheck

Video – The InCheck Way to Do Tenant Requests

The InCheck Way to Do Tenant Requests Track all tenant interactions in one place Provide greater level of service to tenants without increasing expense Standardize the way your team responds to tenant requests

Video – The InCheck Way To Work Better Together

The InCheck Way To Work Better Together Ensure consistency and follow-through across your teams, even if they’re in different buildings. Brings automation to operations, ensuring routines are handled the same way, every time – by new and experienced team members alike.

Webinar – New FDNY Regulations and Challenges

Webinar Overview Join Cohen Hochman & Allen’s expert FDNY attorney, Nicole Beletsky, Esq., to review the latest FDNY regulations, the biggest challenges of 2018, and what your team can do to stay prepared. Here’s just some of what we’ll be reviewing during our webinar: FDNY Drills Standards Self-closing door regulations New Stove Knob requirements at Residential properties Biggest FDNY challenges … Read More

Property Manager of the Future (eBook)

Times are a’changing, and property managers are changing right along with it. Find out how property management is moving forward into the future with the latest best practices, technologies, and trends. Whether you work in the residential or commercial space, learn how to implement these across your organization, and manage your buildings with an eye towards the future.

Webinar – Property Manager of the Future Webinar

Webinar Overview Join us to find out more about SiteCompli’s newest features, and how taking advantage of what’s in your account can help you and your team become property managers of the future. Learn about new reports that show change over time across your portfolio, how to use SiteCompli to grow your business, plus an overview of best practices from … Read More

2018 NYC Violations Companion Guide

The NYC Violations Companion Guide – 2018 Edition takes compliance basics alongside key agency updates and streamlines information into brief, handy reference pages. Each section includes links to even more detailed resources and best practices, perfect for digging into your toughest compliance challenges. What You’ll Find in This Year’s Guide: Quick and easy resources for each of the industry’s biggest … Read More

4 Things Most Managers Get Wrong About Move-Ins (Residential)

If you’re a residential property manager, you’re probably all too familiar with move-ins and move-outs. And you’re not alone – Americans are on the move, and property managers are making it happen behind the scenes. Get practical tips for staying more organized & thorough, and making sure all your building moves are smooth. Don’t miss out on these oft-skipped best … Read More

Talking With Tenants – Outreach Guide

Don’t underplay (or overkill) tenant communications – get the timeline and the conversations just right with our Outreach Guide. Learn how (and why, and when) to manage your tenants from the day they sign the lease at your building. Ensure successful retention and prevent turnover – download now!

Annual Property Managers “In Practice” Survey

Want to know how you compare with the average property manager? Download the 2016 results for the Annual Property Managers “In Practice” Survey, and see if your day is the same as property managers across the country. You’ll find out: How big other property management organizations are, on average How most management teams handle tenant requests and communications How property managers feel … Read More

2018 Compliance Checklist

The newest version of one of the most popular compliance resources is here! The 2018 Compliance Checklist includes even more critical due dates, pulled directly from the newest property regulations set to impact owners this year. We’ve even included key updates on changes going into effect, including: The first lowered Benchmarking threshold filing Updated signage requirements for residential properties Increased … Read More

Your Path to a 100% Response Rate

Check out this pair of post-mailing best practices for making sure your team gets the highest annual safety notice response rate this season: Step One: Manual Forms Step Two: Take Action  

Webinar – How New Regulations Will Impact Your Properties (2017)

  Webinar Overview Join us to review the largest package of laws impacting owners and managers across NYC, including permit denials, ECB arrears certifications, fine increases, and more. We’re so glad you’re interested in this webinar! We originally aired this webinar a little while ago, and there have been several updates to regulations since. Please visit the SiteCompli Blog for … Read More

Webinar – How the Pros Handle Tenant Mailings

Learn best practices from the industry experts in annual safety notice mailings, including: How to prepare for the season The best ways to get follow-up work for tenants done quickly How to stay compliant all year round  

The State of NYC Neighborhoods: Top NYC Property Violations

Find out which agency increased violations by 125% last year Download our latest State of NYC Neighborhoods report and get the latest information on increasing violations, up-and-coming infractions, and things to watch out for in 2017 and beyond. Find out the high types of HPD violations in each borough, along with the FDNY’s most frequently cited violating condition, and tips … Read More

FDNY Survival Kit: Figuring Out the FDNY

When it comes to dealing with one of NYC’s most critical regulatory agencies, the FDNY Survival Kit has you covered. Learn about the different types of FDNY violations, requirements for equipment, individuals, and more, and how to get in touch with FDNY District Offices and records units. Know how the FDNY’s requirements impact your property, and what you can do … Read More

DOB Survival Kit: Decoding the DOB

Understand how the DOB impacts your portfolio with the DOB Survival Kit. From required inspections to complaints and violations, access key details and contact information for the most prevalent DOB divisions and regulations. There’s no better document to start your journey to NYC buildings expertise – master the basics with SiteCompli’s DOB Survival Kit.

HPD Survival Kit: Handling the HPD

SiteCompli’s HPD Survival Kit is the perfect resource for newly minted residential managers in NYC, or seasoned vets looking for quick references. It’s a must-have for any properties regulated by Housing Preservation & Development, including multifamily buildings, rented single and two-family homes, and hotels. Understand why and how HPD inspects buildings and units, and how to respond when violations are … Read More

Retail Compliance Checklist

If you operate a retail location in NYC, you can’t miss our 5-point Retail Compliance Checklist. Learn the core best practices for dealing with NYC regulations, and prevent costly and complicated operations-related infractions. Take control of your compliance by making the Retail Checklist a part of your ongoing operational strategy.

Case Study – Century Management

Since 2014, Century Management has partnered with SiteCompli to help avoid costly violations and fines, reduce the risk of compliance issues across their portfolio, and gain expertise in the ever-changing NYC regulatory environment. Learn how Century Management: Reduced FDNY violations by 30% Cleared 40% of legacy DOB violations, and Prevented ECB-related default violations and increased penalties

The State of NYC Neighborhoods

Is the DOB really issuing more violations, and if so, where and why? These are the questions we’re looking to answer in SiteCompli’s State of the Neighborhoods series report: Are DOB-ECB Violations Increasing? Find out which NYC neighborhoods have the highest amounts of DOB-ECB violations, and learn about the bottom-line impact of NYC’s recent construction-related enforcement push.