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The Best Run Buildings Have Standard Operating Procedures

Why implementing SOPs for your building operations team is a time-saving, efficiency-increasing no-brainer.


What’s In Your Building Operations Stack?

The number of CRE Tech Solutions out there can be overwhelming – and can make it tough to decide what software will be effective for your team and your business needs. We’ve outlined the landscape of available solutions for building operations teams, along with some tips on what your team should consider when evaluating different types of software platforms.

2019 Elevator & Boiler Guide

UPDATED FOR 2019: Everything you need to know about NYC elevator and boiler compliance is packed into our 2019 download. Whether you’re looking for recent updates on the switch to DOB NOW or want a starter guide for new team members, this resource gives you the information you need to keep you updated on some of the most costly and … Read More

Video: How to Save in the Face of New NYC Regulations

How to Save in the Face of New NYC Regulations SiteCompli covered the latest NYC compliance changes (and how to prevent violations and increased penalties from those changes) at BuildingsNY 2019. Watch our presentation recap for a best practice review, and learn how other building operations organizations are combatting the latest regulatory challenges. New Fire Safety Requirements Construction Enforcement Recap … Read More

Property Managements Biggest Time Wasters

How operational time-wasters are costing you money In property management, efficiency is the key to keeping tenants happy and growing your business. How can you identify the areas where your staff is doing too much work? Where can you automate processes so your people can do what they do best – talking to tenants and improving your buildings? We took … Read More

Featured NYC Agencies

The FDNY’s administrative branch regulates fire-safety related permits, equipment, certifications, and more. The FDNY issues violations via the ECB and through an independent process, some of which can lead to criminal court and charges.

The Department of Buildings is a central New York City compliance agency that has jurisdiction over every structure within the five boroughs.

HPD enforces housing quality standards in residential properties across all five boroughs. HPD inspects housing complaints, issues violations, and runs enforcement programs.

The ECB is a judiciary tribunal that doesn’t issue violations, but instead hosts hearings for other NYC agencies issuing administrative violations. The ECB is also commonly known as the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, or OATH.