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City Council Proposal Could Mean Changes For Local Law 97

Recent council proposals could spell changes for Local Law 97, less than a year from its first filing date. See what the council is debating here

Is 2025 The Biggest Year In NYC Compliance?

First-time sustainability filings, LL 31, and more makes 2025 the biggest year in NYC compliance to date. Learn more in our latest post:

NYC Council Updates For Owners and Managers: May 2025

Get the latest council updates for owners and managers in NYC, including a change to existing inspection programs

It’s HPD Registration Season – Get Help & Get Registered

Get help and make sure your property is set during this year’s HPD registration season. Find out key dates, department resources, & more

DOB NOW Login Updates Plus OATH & DSNY Regulatory Agendas

Find out how to adjust to new DOB NOW login updates, and learn more about upcoming agency rulemaking agendas for 2025

NYC Council Proposed Bills for Owners And Managers: April 2024

We’re back with the latest updates from NYC’s City Council, and what’s been proposed that could impact property owners and managers. Here’s what you need to know: New Risk-Based Inspection Program The proposed law that’s getting the most buzz is the new risk-based inspection program: The commissioner shall establish a risk-based inspection program to identify structurally hazardous buildings. The risk-based … Read More

Local Law 97 Enforcement Preparation Begins One Year From Filing Deadline

Learn how the city is starting Local Law 97 enforcement preparation as the countdown to the first filing is one year away

DOHMH Shares Cooling Tower Seasonal Startup Tips

Check out the cooling tower seasonal startup tips shared by NYC’s DOHMH before coordinating cleaning and maintenance

Final DOB Rule Approved – Specific Elevator Penalties Waived

Get the details on specific elevator penalties waived by the DOB – find out how you can avoid $3,000 fines per device

NYC Council Proposed Bills For Owners & Managers: March 2024

Check out the NYC Council’s latest round of proposed bills for March 2024, and find out how they could impact property owners

How To Submit Initial Observations For Parking Structures In NYC

Get the details on how to submit initial observations for parking structures in NYC, based on the DOB’s latest requirement

DOB Announces “Get Summonses Corrected” Campaign

Learn more about the DOB’s new Get Summonses Corrected campaign, and how you can get help correcting violations

Three More DSNY Proposed Rules – Small Businesses, Organics, and Commercial Waste Zones

Three more DSNY proposed rules were announced in early 2024. Here’s what you need to know to stay compliant

UPDATED: Final Rule Released For HPD Heat Sensor Program

The final rule has been released for the new HPD Heat Sensor Program. Find out what’s starting in Summer 2024 for select buildings

Local Law 157 Update: Required Natural Gas Detectors In NYC Residential Properties

Get the details on required natural gas detectors in NYC for specific residential properties – due May 2025

NYC Council Proposed Bills For Property Owners & Managers: February 2024

We’ve rounded up the latest drafts to give you an update on the NYC city council outlook for property owners and managers in 2024

Proposed Rule: Elevator AOC Penalties in 2022 and 2023 Being Adjusted

A new proposed rule outlines how key elevator AOC penalties won’t be issued for recent cycles. Find out more in our post

Video: NAJO Consulting Explains PBS Permit Compliance In NYC

Neal Altman from NAJO Consulting covers all things PBS Permit Compliance In NYC. Learn what you need to know in our latest video

Sanitation Updates: Commercial Waste Zones & Containerization

NYC’s Department of Sanitation released new updates about Commercial Waste Zones & Containerization in January 2024. We’ve shared a lot of Sanitation updates in 2022 and 2023, but here’s the latest breakdown of what you need to know: Commercial Waste Zones – What Are They? Local Law 199 of 2019 reformed commercial waste practices, establishing Commercial Waste Zones in an … Read More

First NYC Parking Structure Violations Issued & Cycle 1 Reminders

The first NYC parking structure violations issued came fast – here’s how to avoid them going forward for Cycle 1 and beyond

3 InCheck Features To Keep Your Property Management Team On Track

Check out these 3 InCheck features to keep your property management team on track & get more done portfolio-wide

Get The Answers To Our Annual Compliance Quiz

Check out the answers to our annual compliance quiz and make sure you’re on top of the latest updates for your properties

Local Law 97 Rules Are Finalized – Here Are The Details

Local Law 97 rules finalized for the first few years of compliance – get the update on what you need to know

Top 5 Need-To-Know Compliance Updates in 2024

We’ve put together a video wrap-up of some of the biggest upcoming compliance updates in 2024. Are you familiar with these requirements?

New Requirements For Unoccupied Units In NYC Coming Soon

The last council meeting of the year brought new requirements for unoccupied units in NYC. Find out what’s coming in this post

NYC DOB News & Updates Roundup – December 2023

There were a fair few of NYC DOB News & Updates before the end of 2023 – read on to get the latest details from the department

HPD Bedbug Report Reminder – Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you filed the annual HPD bedbug report? Here are some helpful reminders for this yearly residential requirement

HPD Civil Penalties Have Increased – See What’s Changed

Find out which HPD civil penalties just increased, and how your team can prevent fines and violations for these critical issues

The 10 Days Of Compliance Are Here – Join Us As We Close Out 2023!

SiteCompli’s 10 Days of Compliance are here to recap big agency news, best practices, and more – see what every day has in store here!

The SiteCompli NYC Compliance Checklist 2024 Is Here!

The SiteCompli NYC Compliance Checklist is here for 2024! Check out all the new regulations & latest due dates for your portfolio

December 2023 NYC Compliance Crush Recap

It’s the end of the year, which means several compliance requirements are due. Check out our December 2023 NYC Compliance Recap

Roundup Of New Lead-Based Paint Laws & HPD Resources

New lead-based paint laws go into effect next year. Find out what you’ll need to do in our latest roundup post

Reminder: DOB Parapet Observation Requirement Begins In 2024

The DOB parapet observation requirement is due for the first time in 2024 – here’s what you need to know to stay in compliance

The State of NYC Violations 2023: What’s Up, What’s Down, and What Next?

The latest SiteCompli Insights report, The State of NYC Violations 2023, is here! Read on to find out this year’s agency & violation trends

RealFocus 2023 Recap: NYC Agency News, Best Practices, & More!

Here’s your quick RealFocus 2023 recap, with even more to come on all the agency requirement reminders, best practices, and more!

Predictive Maintenance Is The New Proactive Maintenance

Learn more about predictive maintenance, a new kind of proactive maintenance solution, from HVAC experts Parity

New Requirement To Containerize Waste Coming For 95% Of Residential Properties

The Department of Sanitation alongside the Mayor’s Office announced a requirement to containerize waste that will impact 95% of residential properties. Here’s what you need to know from the latest trash-related regulation: The Basics: Requirement To Containerize Waste Starting a year from now (fall of 2024), buildings with nine or fewer residential units must place all trash in secure containers. … Read More

Your Month In NYC Compliance – September 2023 (Local Law 97 & More)

Join us for this month’s compliance review, where we review the new updates for Local Law 97 & more – including the latest bulletins!

UPDATED: New Proposed DSNY Rule Expands Trash Set-Out Requirements & More

A new proposed rule from the DSNY expands trash set-out requirements that were rolled out previously. Learn more in our latest post

NYC Expert Series: Local Law 31 From NAJO Consulting

The latest update in our expert series, join us as we review Local Law 31 from NAJO Consulting & Neal Altman

Your Month In NYC Compliance – August 2023 (Lead Laws & More Rules)

Get the latest local law news in our monthly wrap-up video for NYC Compliance – August 2023, featuring rules, bulletins & more

More NYC Parking Garage Regulations On The Horizon

With the first set of inspections coming due soon, there are even more nyc parking garage regulations on the horizon. Find out more here

Reviewing New Lead Paint Laws From The City Council

We go over the package of new lead paint laws from the city council, and cover what needs to happen next – and how you can prepare

Your Month In NYC Compliance – July 2023 (CAT 1 Elevator Violations Coming & More)

Learn more about new compliance regulations and news in July 2023, including upcoming CAT 1 elevator violations

The Importance Of FISP Compliance & Common Facade Mistakes In NYC

Find out more about how your team can avoid common facade mistakes in NYC from our latest guest expert at ACE Project Management

NYC Sidewalk Shed Overhaul – What You Need To Know

Mayor Adams recently announced a NYC Sidewalk Shed overhaul – here are key details from the announcement, and what’s coming next

3 Reasons Your Team Can’t Miss RealFocus 2023

With nearly 3 months to go before our favorite day of the year, here’s 3 reasons why your team can’t miss RealFocus 2023 – a day that’s all about taking charge of your compliance and property operations: Even More Expert-Led Sessions RealFocus is packed with expert-led panels and sessions, and this year is no exception! Join us as representatives from … Read More

New Compliance Manager Feature Helps Prevent Local Law Fines

Prevent local law fines with SiteCompli’s new Compliance Manager functionality – built to help your team track requirements easier & faster

InCheck Smart Stickers Jump-Start Property Operations Work

InCheck Smart Stickers help your team start work even faster than before, ensuring staff knows exactly what they need to do onsite

Your Month In NYC Real Estate Compliance – June 2023

Check Your Month In NYC Real Estate Compliance – June for the latest entry in our video series focused on giving you critical compliance updates

NYC Proposed Rule Roundup – Parapet & Self-Closing Door Inspections

Two agencies released more NYC proposed rules focused on inspections. Learn about parapet observation & self-closing door requirements

City Council Passes New E-Bike Regulations

The City Council just passed a slew of new e-bike regulations – here’s what you need to know to protect properties & residents

New Feature: Views Makes It Even Easier To See Data You Need

Meet SiteCompli (and InCheck’s) new feature: views! Now it’s even easier and faster to see the data you need to get the job done

NYC Agency Updates: Rat Mitigation Zones & Landmarks

Today’s post covers the latest NYC agency updates – specifically, new rat mitigation zones and the mayor’s latest plan to manage city landmarks. Mayor Adams’ Landmarks Plan Mayor Adams is touting a new plan to help the DOB and the Landmarks Preservation Commission work better together, preventing issues with at-risk landmark properties. View the Mayor’s full announcement here.  Per the … Read More

Big Shift: Street Vendor Enforcement To Move From DCWP to DSNY

Mayor Adams officially moved street vendor enforcement to the DSNY – read on to find out the impact for property owners

How To Follow Up For Residents With HPD Issues

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) issues vast amounts of violations citywide (and we’ve got the numbers here in our latest violations report). With such high violation counts, it’s important for your property management team to check in with residents regarding HPD issues. If you notice a pattern with a particular resident/unit reaching out to HPD with complaints, … Read More

Shed The Shed: Proposal For Sidewalk Sheds May Impact DOB Facade Filings

DOB facade filings may face more changes after this recent proposal from Manhattan borough president – read more to get the details.

Short-Term Rental Regulations In NYC Coming Soon

While it’s not one of the compliance topics we typically review, we got a lot of questions about this most recent update – short-term rental regulations in NYC are coming. Here’s what you need to know: New: Short-Term Rental Registration Portal The city recently published rules outlining details for Local Law 18 (full text here) governing short-term rentals. Starting March … Read More

[RECAP] 2023 Compliance Trends Webinar

On February 9th, SiteCompli hosted a webinar with Prise NY to discuss some big compliance trends for 2023. New York’s compliance landscape is constantly changing – staying on top of these changes and thinking strategically about your team’s compliance operations this year is crucial to protecting your portfolio. Here are some highlights from the webinar:  Sanitation  The city is prioritizing sanitation protocols … Read More

[RECAP] The 2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide

The 2023 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide is back and better than ever! Significant changes have taken place in New York City’s building management sphere, and it is apparent everywhere- from the adoption of new rules to rising violation counts to the incorporation of tech into property operations.  Whether you’re new to the compliance world or an experienced professional, this … Read More

Planning Ahead – Local Law 97 Resources For Affordable Housing

If you manage affordable housing, you won’t want to miss this rundown of Local Law 97 resources before the law goes into effect next year

2023 Compliance Checklist & Important Updates

The most anticipated resource of the year is officially here! Download the 2023 Compliance Checklist to stay up-to-date with all the important compliance deadlines this year, so your properties can avoid violations and fines in the new year.   As the year progresses, we will update this page with any compliance date adjustments, so bookmark this page to stay informed … Read More

DOHMH Proposed Rules: Waived Penalties & Water Tanks

Check out the latest DOHMH proposed rules, including water tank enforcement & waived penalties for key violations

FDNY Compliance Information In SiteCompli & Beyond

End-of-year is always a great time for review, and what better topic to cover than FDNY compliance information? The FDNY is one of the most important city agencies when it comes to NYC local law. Not only are their regulations & enforcement directly tied to resident, tenant, and building safety, but they can also be one of the most complex … Read More

Better Property Ops Visuals: InCheck Initiative Boards

InCheck’s Initiative boards give management teams better property ops visuals for all kinds of work across their portfolios. Complicated projects are easier to track, manage, and adjust – all in one place, and all in real time! Let’s dive into how Initiatives work, and review some examples of how InCheck users are building boards for critical work at their properties. … Read More

The State of NYC Violations 2022

From 2020 onwards, SiteCompli has been talking to property management teams across the city about how the pandemic impacted their properties and daily operations. One consistent trend we identified was the fall in violation counts in 2020, then the sharp rise immediately following the next year. With any drastic change, it’s important to go back and look at the numbers … Read More

War on Rats: Updated DSNY Regulations to Keep NYC Clean

Updated Adopted Rules as of December 1st The Department of Sanitation just released the Notice of Adoption for the final rules. All the proposed rules detailed below the line are correct and have been adopted, but these are the changes made from public comments on the proposed rules. Additions to the new rules: The DSNY has amended the proposed rule … Read More

[Recap] The New Local Law 97 Rules & What They Mean for Your Buildings

On November 10th, SiteCompli hosted a webinar with Marc Zuluaga, Co-Founder of Cadence OneFive, former CEO of Steven Winter Associates, and sustainability expert, to discuss Local Law 97 and the aftermath of the new rules.   With buildings driving 75% of the city’s carbon emissions and the city hitting record emissions, the DOB is looking to enforce carbon caps with … Read More

Scaling Up & Stepping Down: Building Your Team For Success

In the broadest of terms, property management can be defined as the daily control and oversight of real estate. But most property management executives would agree that definition is just a starting point.  When taking on a role in property operations, you are responsible for a long list of daily to-dos. Whether you’re handling maintenance requests, unit turnovers, or tenant … Read More

Preventing An Ugly Moving Experience: How Technology Can Cultivate A Better Move

Facilitating a smooth moving experience is the priority of every property manager. No parties involved in the process- landlord, property manager, or tenant- want disputes over property conditions or fees. Regularly scheduled inspections as tenants move in and out of rental properties in combination with property inspection technology prevent the miscommunications and ‘he said she said’ of a lease ending, … Read More

DOB Roundup: NYC Construction Changes, Elevators, & Correction

Lots of DOB updates, including NYC construction changes, elevator rule adjustments, and correction process enhancements

Regulatory Reform: DOB Changes For Small Businesses

There’s major DOB changes for small businesses that may have a wider impact – read on to find out how enforcement has changed

The LL97 Proposed Rules Are Out – What Do They Mean For You?

The LL97 proposed rules are out, and it’s time to respond – learn more about what your team can do to prepare and prevent fines

Onboarding Process for New Employees- Transitions and Trainings

You just hired a new employee and it’s time for them to begin the onboarding process for what will hopefully be a long and successful career with your company. The big question is, how can your organization cultivate an effective and efficient onboarding experience? The onboarding process is the key to promoting employee retention, which ultimately saves your company time … Read More

Automation & Technology’s Impact on Knowledge Transfer

While turnover can be an obstacle for some property management teams, technology is helping to provide viable solutions to ongoing staffing challenges.  Companies are turning to technology to fill any knowledge gaps and make operations seamless. While the adoption of new technological processes can be daunting, embracing tech can help you combat key challenges and support your staff. You’ll be … Read More

OATH Hearing Process Clarified By New Adopted Rules

Newly adopted rules may change portions of the OATH Hearing Process, including required authorizations – read on to learn more!

Onsite Inspections Survey – What Did We Learn?

Many property management teams are taking a step back and re-evaluating their inspections processes – and we’ve got the numbers to prove it! We asked property operations leaders across the nation what their current inspection process was, and what their greatest pain points were. Here’s a glimpse of what we learned: Teams Are Still Using Pen & Paper For Inspections … Read More

3 Things We Learned At Apartmentalize 2022 – In 2 Minutes Or Less

We had a blast at Apartmentalize (as you can see!) After surveying property managers at our booth, we discovered three key takeaways – here’s what we learned about property management goals in 2022:  

Best Practices For Creating A Storm Preparation Process

Here’s how to plan a storm preparation process that helps your team work fast — and keeps your properties and residents safe

Three Costly Preventive Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

How to get rid of preventive maintenance mistakes from your risk management strategy, and realize the benefits of your plan

Reminder – Disability Accommodation Notice Must Be Provided By June 17th

NYS Rule 466.15 went into effect this year, giving landlords 30 days to provide a Disability Accommodation Notice to residents. Learn more

3 Tips For An Awesome Apartmentalize 2022!

Join SiteCompli at Apartmentalize 2022 – multifamily real estate’s biggest event of the year – and learn how to supercharge your operations

The Right Tech For Your Team: SiteCompli at the NY Multifamily Summit

SiteCompli CEO Seth Dotterer discussed all things property ops tech at the NY Multifamily Summit, including how to maximize value at your org

NYC Department of Buildings Updates: Retaining Walls, Benchmarking, & Periodic Inspections

Are you caught up on these NYC Department of Buildings updates? Find out what’s new, changed, and upcoming in this post

Spring Compliance Check-In: Cooling Towers & Benchmarking Data Errors

It’s finally springtime in NYC – and the perfect time to ensure your cooling towers & benchmarking compliance is on point. Here’s how:

The Property Management Staffing Problem & How Tech Can Help [Part 2]

If you’re using tech to solve property management staffing problems, you need to get it right – here’s how to get your team onboard & engaged

The Property Management Staffing Problem & How Tech Can Help [Part 1]

Property management staffing has taken a hit – here’s how to employ simple solutions to help your staff stay happy, and your business running smoothly

The Wrong Way To Do Property Inspections

Avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to property inspections – here’s what not to do when you’re building out your team’s inspection plan:

Compliance Action Plans For 4 Top NYC Projects In 2022

There are a lot of new & ongoing regulations for NYC owners in 2022 – here’s how to put together 4 critical compliance action plans, and get stuff done

DOB Reminders: Changes To Periodic Elevator And Boiler Inspections

The DOB has adjusted timelines for periodic elevator and boiler inspections. Find out more about these recent changes in the blog

Full Circle Compliance – How Your NYC Properties Can Avoid Steep Fines

Full circle compliance combines knowledge and action to ensure your portfolio avoids city fines. Here’s what that means, and how you can take advantage

Reminder: NYC Required Postings And Signage

The amount of signs and posts required at a building has increased exponentially – here’s a reminder of some of the most important ones

December 2021 Department of Buildings Roundup: LL 152, PVTs, OATH, and LL 26

The Department of Buildings just released a slew of updates focused on new regulations starting in 2022, and end-of-year reminders. Here’s your roundup: Local Law 152 Extensions Official This Year The Gas Piping Inspections Deadline for Community Districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18 (previously due December 31st of this year) has been officially extended to June 30, 2022. This … Read More

DOB Inspection Requirements For NYC Parking Structures Released

The inspection requirements for NYC Parking Structures are here – find out which group of structures is coming due starting next year:

Why Everyone Is Doing Mobile Maintenance – And You Should Too

Mobile maintenance solutions are now the standard for property operations teams everywhere – here’s why you can’t go without it:

[RECAP]: Most Impactful Property Operations Trends Coming Into 2022

Teams are heading into 2022 focused on growing – find out what that looks like based on the most impactful property operations trends in the industry

November Compliance Update: Local Law 152 Extension & LL 87 Changes

Another Local Law 152 extension is here, this time for the Community Districts originally due in 2021. The Council also made adjustments for properties with gas piping, but no active gas service. Plus, there are some changes to Energy Efficiency Reports you’ll want to know: Local Law 152 Due Date Extension Much like last year’s extension for the initial group … Read More

Coming To RealFocus 2021? Here’s What You Need To Know:

We’re so excited to welcome property operations teams to this year’s RealFocus event – and it’s almost here! If you’re coming to RealFocus, here’s a quick and handy guide so you’re ready to have the best day ever: What To Bring Per NYC mandates, our venue requires all event guests to show proof of vaccination alongside ID. Click here to … Read More

Taking Advantage Of FAIRER – The 2021 DOF ECB Amnesty Program

Details on the DOF’s new ECB Amnesty Program have been released, giving owners until December 20th to save on open penalties for certain OATH violations

Reviewing Proposed NYC Elevator Code Changes With Sierra Consulting Group

Sierra Consulting Group covers the ins and outs of how NYC’s proposed elevator code changes (set to tentatively debut in January 2022) will impact your team

Your Guide To Complying With FDNY’s Fire Safety Notice Rule (aka Back-Of-Door Notices)

We recently wrote about the newest FDNY requirement for NYC owners and managers of multifamily properties (including condos and co-ops): confirming that a Fire Safety Notice (aka “FDNY Back-of-Door Notices” – combustible and non-combustible versions) is posted on the back of every unit door. So how can your team actually get ready to comply with this law? What processes or … Read More

Why We’re Excited For RealFocus 2021 – In 2 Minutes Or Less

Check out our video on how your property operations team will the best day ever at this year’s RealFocus customer conference

Taking The Pain Out Of Tenant Mailings Season with InCheck

NYC’s tenant mailings process gets more complex, more demanding, and seemingly more drawn out each year. From changing requirements (new bulletins, anyone?) to increased agency-led audits, the risk involved in annual safety notice mailings continues to grow. If you want to see just how risky this process can be, check out this post we wrote earlier this year. But getting … Read More

Supercharge Property Operations Work With The InCheck Yardi Integration

InCheck’s Yardi Integration is here, helping property operations teams boost their efficiency and cut down on wasted time – especially for critical projects like turns and make readys. Here’s how: Cut Down Administrative Waste For teams who use Yardi, it’s easier than ever to get your InCheck account started and ready to go! InCheck automatically syncs with your Yardi account, … Read More

6 Ways To Start Your Property Ops Work Without Pressing A Button

Starting property work automatically – no emails, calls, or pressing buttons – means you have more time to strategize. Here’s how you can do it:

Get The Most Out Of Your Time At Apartmentalize 2021

For many people attending National Apartment Association’s (NAA) Apartmentalize conference this year, it will be the first large scale in-person event they’ve attended since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The event, titled “Focus Forward,” takes place on August 31 – September 2, 2021 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. In getting back into the swing of planning travel and hotel rooms, … Read More

Automate Your Storm Prep Strategy To Maximize Resiliency & Efficiency

As we enter the peak of summer, we are also approaching the height of Atlantic hurricane season, not to mention other summertime phenomena in other regions of the country. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting that Atlantic hurricane activity will be “above-normal” in 2021. With this in mind, do you have a storm prep strategy in place … Read More

DOB Compliance Check-In With Mark Hertz Company

The team at Mark Hertz Company reviews some of the most pressing DOB compliance issues, and things to be on the lookout for

HPD Proposes New Definitions For Lead-Based Paint

Following Local Law 66, HPD is proposing new definitions for lead-based paint based on available testing analyzers. Here’s how you can comment on the rule

New OATH ECB Amnesty Program In The Works – Awaiting Mayor’s Signature

NYC’s City Council has officially passed legislation for a new ECB amnesty program for certain administrative fines issued through OATH. ECB Amnesty isn’t new – the city has instituted programs like this before. That said, it’s a great opportunity to drive down OATH-related fines at a lower cost and clear related violations from your buildings. While the program isn’t in … Read More

RealFocus 2021 – The Biggest Property Operations Conference Is Back, And In Person!

RealFocus 2021, the all-day conference that's all about your property operations, is back in NYC on October 14th. After an exciting all-virtual event in 2020, the SiteCompli team is excited to welcome RealFocus back into the physical space - where it all began, and where it's all centered around. RealFocus will take place at Convene's 1 Liberty Plaza location - ... Read More

Reminder: Local Law 97 Emissions Adjustment Applications Due June 30, 2021

Applications for emission adjustments are coming due in NYC – find out how your property can benefit from this Local Law 97 adjustment

RealFocus 2021: 3 Reasons To Get Your Team’s Tickets Today

RealFocus is the property operations event of the year – here’s a few reasons why you can’t miss our all-day conference on October 14th in New York City.

The Simplified Guide to Scheduling Your Property Equipment Inspections

Regular property equipment inspections, or preventive maintenance inspections, keep your assets in working order. Here’s how to schedule them efficiently.

Conquering NYC Local Law 31 & Local Law 55 With Automation

NYC Local Law 55 & NYC Local Law 31 are the newest compliance requirements for your buildings. Read more to see how automation can help you get up to speed.

Property Ownership Certification For All NYC Permits Live In DOB NOW

NYC’s required owner disclosure for new DOB permits is now in place – here’s how you can find helpful info in SiteCompli when you file

Your Summer 2021 Compliance Outlook For Property Ops In NYC

Here’s a round-up of some of the latest NYC compliance updates to help your summer 2021 property operations planning (construction, registration & more!)

Tenant Protection Plan Notifications For NYC Residential Construction In DOB NOW

The DOB’s required notification system for NYC residential buildings under construction is live in DOB NOW – find out more in our post:

Are You Ready for The Newest Residential Fire Safety Requirement?

Find out about new violations issued by the HPD and DOB for bed bProperty managers and owners must now confirm that Fire Safety Notices are posted on the back of the door of residential units.

What You Need To Know About Heat Sensors, HPD’s Newest Enforcement Program

Get the rundown on what HPD’s new heat sensor program means for your portfolio, and how you can comply if your property is selected

The Reporting You’ve Been Missing From Your Property Ops Toolkit

Property ops teams are using the InCheck Workflow Report to ensure no work falls through the cracks, portfolio-wide. Here’s 3 ways they’re doing it:

[APRIL 2021 COMPLIANCE UPDATES] New Violations Issued for Bed Bugs, Energy Efficiency Labels

Find out about new violations issued by the HPD and DOB for bed bug reporting and energy efficiency postings.

Getting Resident And Staff Feedback On Your Property Ops SOPs

Find out how property operations teams can benefit from feedback – and how they can capture it easily and efficiently:

From The Experts: A Chat About NYC Lead Regulations And More

Lead-related regulations are on the rise at residential properties. Here are best practices fpr dealing with them, straight from the professionals

New Elevator Inspection Requirement? Find Out What’s On The Horizon For NYC Devices

Find out what might be coming for future elevator requirements – learn from BOMA’s expert webinar featuring the latest possible changes.

Scaling Up: How Property Teams Are Expanding Their Portfolios Without Sacrificing Operational Quality

Expanding is a challenge for any team, in any industry – here’s some best practices on expanding your portfolio without overstretching your operations.

Results Are In: Here’s How NYC Managers Are Handling Compliance

We asked NYC management professionals how they handle compliance challenges – find out what they said, and where your team falls:

The “New” Unit Inspection, And What That Means For Your Property Ops Team

High quality, efficient unit inspections are critical for property operations success – here’s how other teams are performing better inspections today:

Local Law 84 Benchmarking Starter Guide & Energy Compliance Resources For 2021

Check out the latest energy compliance resources and trainings from the Sustainability Help Center, designed to help your team avoid fines and risk.

Measuring Property Operations Performance With The InCheck Executive Summary

Here’s how property operations teams are measuring (and improving) their work performance using the InCheck Executive Summary – and how your team can too:

Why Retrospectives Are Must-Dos For Property Operations Teams

How can retrospectives – a process widely adopted by tech companies – make property operations work better & more efficient? Read on:

[UPDATED] DOB Denial of Permits for Excessive Violations & Arrears In Effect

Years after Local Law 104 passed, the DOB is now denying permits to multiple dwellings with excessive violations. Find out how your buildings are impacted

Operationalizing An Awesome Resident Experience: Winter Edition

Find out how to standardize your property ops responses so residents stay positive – even in the freezing cold of wintertime.

Building Better Boiler SOPs [Part 2]: Using Tech to Operationalize Your SOP

In Part 1 of “Building Better Boiler SOPs,” we walked through the critical nature of boiler preventive maintenance, and how many teams are thinking about these processes on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.   But here’s the catch – if you have a written SOP, and it only exists in a static online manual or in a binder in a drawer somewhere, it’s … Read More

Building Better Boiler SOPs [Part 1]: Why It’s Critical To the Health of Your Property

Your property is a multi-million dollar asset, and preventive maintenance is the key to keeping it in good shape. “Preventive maintenance” is an easy phrase to say, but what does it actually look like for a property team that has 100 things to do and is constantly pressed for time? Let’s take the example of boilers. Hiding in the basement … Read More

Managing COVID Changes In NYC Beyond Cleaning

COVID has changed the way NYC managers run their buildings – but it goes way beyond cleaning. Find out how you can best respond to this, and future changes

How Is Your Property Ops Team Avoiding A Break Point?

9 in 10 teams will hit a breaking point this year based on a rise in workload – here’s how your team can avoid that, and stay on track:

Automating Your Bedbug Plan – From Prevention to Reporting, And Everything In Between

Dealing with bedbugs is a lot of work. Automating your processes can reduce administrative waste and minimize risk – read on for more:

From Forbes: 3 Ways Property Owners Can Mitigate Mold Risks

In this crosspost, David Crown shares three tips for preventing mold from wrecking your units – and your company finances.

Were Your EOY Filings Impacted By DOB NOW Downtime? Here’s What To Do:

The DOB announced a grace period for any filings impacted by end-of-year website downtime. Find out how you can submit reports here:

Ready For Lightning-Fast Onsite Work? The New InCheck Mobile App Update Is Waiting For You!

We asked management teams like yours what they needed to be successful – and then we built those answers into the latest version of the InCheck Mobile App.

Your 2021 NYC Compliance Checklist Is Here – With a Twist

NYC property managers, your favorite annual resource is here. Download the 2021 Compliance Checklist, and review any updates right here!

Details On The Carbon Monoxide Installation Extension – And How Commercial Buildings Are Tracking It

The city announced an extension to required installations for specific commercial buildings. Find out how other teams are handling this

UPDATE: Last-Minute Extension For LL 152 This Year CONFIRMED

UPDATE! The City Council has passed an extension to the first-ever deadline for LL 152 inspections – find out what that means for your buildings here

UPDATE – Your business is exposed to risk from tenant mailings. Here’s why.

UPDATE – Make sure you have a plan for tackling annual tenant safety notices and following up – the penalties for non-compliance are steep!

Here’s How Orgs Are Using “Teams” To Manage Holiday Work – And Why You Should Too

Learn more about one of InCheck’s most frequently used features, and how your company can start using “teamwork” to your advantage

RealFocus Compliance Rundown: Local Laws 31, 152, 33, 97, and More

We’re two weeks out from RealFocus – it’s the perfect time to think about which sessions your team absolutely can’t miss this year

RealFocus Spotlight: COVID-19 Changes, And What It Means For Your Buildings

We’ve learned a lot about COVID over the past several months – most importantly, how property managers can best protect the people inside their buildings. Commercial, residential, institutional, and retail teams have all developed building-specific or portfolio-wide plans for preventing spread at their properties. Those plans have evolved significantly over the past several months, based on the following: new state … Read More

DOB Fall Updates: Energy Grade Posting & Facade Extension

Energy labels must be posted before Oct 31st, and there’s a new deadline for the Facade Amnesty Program. Read for more details

Proposed FDNY Rules: New Signage, New Inspections & Professional Alarm Approval Program

Here’s a roundup of the latest FDNY-related proposed rules, and what they mean for your buildings: New Proposed Signage For Hurricane Evacuation The FDNY has proposed new hurricane evacuation signage for apartment building lobbies. This is in line with Local Law 103 of 2019, which requires apartment building owners (Group R-2 buildings and occupancies) within a hurricane evacuation zone to … Read More

DOB Updates: New Fines, Mandatory Training Delays & License Reminders

The DOB just pushed back a mandatory training deadline to next year – find out what that means for your open construction jobs

Reviewing NYC Fire Sprinkler Violations – Interview With Capitol Fire Sprinkler

Find out the latest best practices and common misconceptions for performing your 5-year sprinkler test in NYC from the team at Capitol Fire Sprinkler.

How to Create Disaster Protocols for Your Property Management Staff [PART 2]

Here are 3 frustrating distractions we’ve heard over and over again from property management execs, and what teams some are doing to remove them.

What Is Smart Automation In Real Estate?

Property operations and management teams are embracing automation in their day-to-day work. But what does that mean, and how can it impact your team?

How to Create Disaster Protocols for Your Property Management Staff [PART 1]

Here are 3 frustrating distractions we’ve heard over and over again from property management execs, and what teams some are doing to remove them.

OATH (ECB) Updates Hearing Guidelines And Requirements For NYC Reopening

NYC’s Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings updated their guidelines, including requests for rescheduling hearings & in-person hearings.

Everything You Need To Know About Local Law 152 – 2020 Update

Here’s the ultimate guide for complying with LL 152 gas piping inspection requirements this year (and what’s required if you don’t have a gas piping system!)

New Changes To Elevator Violation Corrections Process

Administrative elevator violations – EVCAT1, EVCAT5, and ACC1 – must now be paid and corrected online, and not in person. Get details on the latest change

NY State Guidelines for Phase 2 Office Reopening

New York City could enter Phase 2 reopening soon – find out what that means specifically for office buildings, and how to keep your properties safe.

Required TPP Form Update For NYC Residential Construction

The required TPP form for residential construction in NYC got a few changes. See what’s new, and how that will impact your business.

DOB Announces Local Law 87 Energy Efficiency Report Extension

The DOB is letting owners apply for extensions to this year’s Local Law 87 EER requirement. Find out how to apply in this post

NYC DOB COVID-19 Updates: Construction Resumes

NYC is permitting construction to resume as of June 8th – here’s what you need to know to keep a safe site & avoid penalties

Cooling Tower Update: New Rules, And Increased Risks?

Find out what the city is proposing for cooling towers, and how COVID-19 may have increased the risk of legionella at specific buildings.

Every Inspection is a Missed Opportunity. Here’s Why.

Here are 3 frustrating distractions we’ve heard over and over again from property management execs, and what teams some are doing to remove them.

Best Practices: How Managers Are Handling Daily Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleaning & disinfection is front and center in the wake of COVID-19. Here are some best practices management teams are using to protect their tenants.

3 Ways to Automate Property Management Tasks – Quickly!

The automation revolution is transforming the world of property management. It’s providing companies with a faster and more efficient way to implement the standard operating procedures they’ve developed over the years – resulting in better-run buildings, better-performing property teams, and happier tenants.  Automation technology – “smart” processes and automatic assignments, follow-ups, and tracking – for property management promises precisely this: every staff member on … Read More

WATCH: Progressive Management Keeps Their Tenants Safe Using InCheck

See how the team at Progressive Management is keeping their buildings clean (and their team as safe as possible) using InCheck

New Sustainability, Benchmarking Resources and Support

The renamed NYC Sustainability Help Center sent out resources on Benchmarking, Letter Grades, and more. Here’s what you should know:

Why Going Paperless Is Step Zero for Property Management

So you’ve gotten rid of most of the filing cabinets in the office. Most of your property information – tenant details, financials, maintenance requests – is all somewhere on your computer, whether it’s in property management software like Yardi, or in a spreadsheet. But let’s be honest – while most property management organizations like yours have gone paperless, the tech platforms … Read More

WATCH: SiteCompli’s Customer Success Team Answers Your Biggest COVID-19 Questions

SiteCompli’s Customer Success team reviewed some of the most important news and updates your property management team needs to know – watch the video now

Facade Cycle 9 Amnesty Program Details

Don’t miss details on this limited-time facade amnesty program from the DOB. Find out how to administratively clear Cycle 8 if you missed the filing date.

BISNOW COVID-19 Webinar: Key Points & Best Practices Summarized

Property management experts reviewed how they’re handling operations in light of COVID-19 during a recent BISNOW webinar. We’ve highlighted some key points:

NEW InCheck Feature: Plan Upcoming Work Better Than Ever Before

It’s more critical now than ever to efficiently plan out work that’s happening at your properties. InCheck’s latest feature helps you do it faster & better:

What Property Managers Should Take Into Account Amid COVID-19

We’re recapping the top ten issues property owners and landlords need to consider as they plan to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEWS: NYC Real Estate Compliance Changes Due To COVID-19

As the city responds to COVID-19, some agencies are adjusting local law compliance policies and procedures. Read for updates on the latest changes

Reporting For Duty – The Top SiteCompli Reports Run By Property Managers

Stop scrambling to put together last-minute reports – SiteCompli’s most popular reports help management teams get info they need, instantly.

Duly Noted – The Top Notes Property Managers Are Adding To SiteCompli

Learn which kinds of work fellow property managers are deeming “noteworthy” in their SiteCompli accounts – and learn how you can do the same!

3 Distractions Property Management Execs Face (And How to Solve Them)

Here are 3 frustrating distractions we’ve heard over and over again from property management execs, and what teams some are doing to remove them.

Here’s What’s Going On With the New Facade Inspection Requirements

There are lots of new requirements from the DOB regarding the facade inspection process. The agency is enhancing protocols and enforcing swift consequences.

NEW: Local Law 110 Clarifications From The DOB

We’ve got updated information on Local Law 110, including which specific buildings have to comply – and how much you’ll owe if you don’t.

NEW Cooling Tower 90-Day Reporting Requirements

Here’s what you need to understand the DOHMH’s latest cooling tower requirement – submitting 90-day Legionella sampling dates online.

UPDATE: Local Law 110 – Required Violation Copy Posting

Find out what we know about Local Law 110 – the new requirement to post violation copies – and which details will be clarified in the future.

4 Pains I Hear Every Day From Property Management Executives

Here are 4 key challenges we’ve heard over and over again from the property management industry, and what some teams are doing to combat them.

WATCH: Local Law 97 Recap – Know The Requirements & Penalties

Do you know how your building can start planning Local Law 97 compliance (and avoid significant fines)? Watch SiteCompli’s latest webinar to find out.

NEW InCheck Features: Mobile App Enhancements & Updates

The latest InCheck Mobile App updates help you perform faster inspections and track even more of what’s going on at your buildings – learn how!

November 2019 Compliance Updates (And Some Non-Updates)

Catch up on the latest updates for several NYC agency rules – and get a reminder on compliance updates we’re still waiting for.

Our Customer Support Team Answers Top Compliance FAQs

We’re sharing the top local law compliance FAQs (and answers) that our Customer Support team has received recently.

FDNY Update: NEW Signage Requirement Breakdown

Don’t miss the most recent updates to FDNY distribution, signage, and filing requirements – find out what you need to do in our latest post.

Fire Safety Awareness Month Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest FDNY updates for National Fire Safety Awareness Month. Get the details on local laws as well as insights from our experts.

Your Guide To Cooling Tower Certifications & Shutdowns

Everything you need to know for your end-of-year cooling tower registration (required by the city) and seasonal shutdowns.

NEW Gas Piping Inspections Update for 2019

The final rules have been released for required gas piping inspections in New York City – read our latest post to find out what you need to do.

Preparing for the Fall 2019 Season Roundup: Storefront Tracker Bill, New FDNY Proposals, and More

We’ve got the resources to ensure that you’re keeping up with the newest requirements and best practices for a successful Fall 2019 season.

Have buildings with a storefront? A new bill to address vacancies will affect you

The Storefront Tracker Bill was approved by the City Council, which means new requirements for NYC storefront owners and managers are coming soon.

FDNY’s Proposed Emergency Checklist and Close Door Signs

The FDNY has proposed more fire safety requirements for residential buildings including an emergency checklist and Close Door notices.

How to Get Compliance Answers Anytime, Anywhere

Get expert answers on everything DOB, FDNY, HPD, ECB and more with SiteCompli resources, accessible 24/7 to your and your team

UPDATE: What NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act Means For Your Buildings

The latest updates on how NYC’s new sustainability laws impact building owners and managers – learn how you can prepare your property for what’s coming:

What You Need to Know About the Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

The deadline for sexual harassment prevention training is just around the corner for NYC and NY State employees – here’s what you need to know

HPD Updates: New Anti-Displacement Laws, Self-Closing Door Violations, and Annual Reminders

There are several new laws and updates from the HPD that will impact your residential buildings in NYC.

NEW Parking Garage Requirements Coming Sooner Than Expected

NY State established a new rule requiring parking garage owners to obtain an operating permit, and perform periodic reassessments. Check out the details!

NYC Compliance Roundup July 2019: Lead Paint, Asbestos, Battery Systems, and More

Read up on the latest changes in NYC compliance, including asbestos penalty updates, rules for outdoor battery systems, and lead paint level changes.

Reviewing NYC Rodent Inspection Data

Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding NYC Rodent Inspection data, a growing concern for all property managers in the city.

Understanding NYC’s Latest Rule Package, And What It Means For Your Buildings

The Council passed another package of laws around multiple dwellings, buildings under construction, and more – find out how new laws will impact your team

NEW InCheck Feature: Supercharge Your Company’s Operating Manual

Bring your building operations guide digital – save time, improve your processes, and get more done across your portfolio with InCheck’s latest feature:

What Property Managers Are Planning: Top Scheduled Routines In InCheck

What kinds of work are property managers doing and scheduling on a recurring basis? Find out what you should be scheduling in today’s blog post!

What Property Managers Are Doing Every Day: The Most Tracked Tasks In InCheck

We found the top Tasks property managers are assigning to their teams to get more done, faster, across all their buildings – check them out!

How To Build Your Team’s Standard Operating Procedures Library

How can you get your team members to take the right steps for every building across your portfolio? Build an SOP Library – here’s how:

NEW Cooling Tower Requirements Coming In 2019

Changes are coming to cooling tower regulations – make sure you’re aware of new reporting requirements from the DOHMH for 2019!

What NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act Means For Your Buildings

The latest updates on how NYC’s new sustainability laws impact building owners and managers – learn how you can prepare your property for what’s coming:

Major Updates To The Violations & Building Operations Guide

The most important resource is back! Stay ahead & give your team the adequate training with the 2019 NYC Violations & Building Operations Guide.

Prepare Your Property for Every Season

Every season brings new property management challenges for your building portfolio. We’re breaking down common issues and how to prepare in this blog post!

Save Even More Time With 2 New InCheck Features

InCheck’s latest features make assigning work to your team even more automatically intelligent – find out how you can start saving time today:

BuildingsNY 2019: Discover the ultimate resources in property management

BuildingsNY 2019 is happening this week. Join the SiteCompli team on April 2-3, and learn about the ultimate resources in property management!

4 Potential Facade Updates You Must Know

As a result of several serious accidents, the DOB is considering making major updates to facade laws. Here are 4 changes you must pay attention to!

Make a Website That Makes Money for Your Property Management Business

What should your company website include? How do you get started so prospective renters can find what they need?

Did you miss these 3 huge compliance resources?

HPD, DOB, and DOHMH have created must-review resources for NYC property managers. Read now & get the information you need to stay compliant!

Solving the 3 Most Pervasive Problems in Property Management

Property managers agree on facing the same top problems – lack of standardization and automation and inefficiency. SiteCompli has solutions for all three.

NEW Residential Updates: Local Law 55 & Bedbug Reporting

Residential buildings in NYC will have to comply with new bedbug filing and allergen hazard inspection requirements in 2019 – find out more:

DOB Elevator Service Update Round-Up

Here’s a brief overview of the latest updates from the DOB regarding regular elevator submissions through DOB NOW: Safety.

3 Steps to Quality Property Inspections

Lack of routine inspections can add up to wasted time and money. The best solution for you is to conduct regular standard inspections on your investment(s).

Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC 5 years Running!

SiteCompli has been named a Crain’s 2018 Best Places to Work in NYC for the 5th year in a row. It is an honor to be recognized for ongoing devotion to prioritizing our people and fostering innovation.

4 Things You Need in Your Preventive Maintenance Plan

There’s one critical thing property managers need to make time for, or their buildings and equipment could suffer for it later on: preventive maintenance.

Local Law 152 Update: New Gas Piping Inspection Requirements

The city’s new gas piping inspection requirement is going into effect. Find out more about the proposed inspection timeline & requirements

Why Your Property Managers Should Never Use Excel

Excel is amazing for calculating formulas, but it’s a woefully manual solution for property managers. Read & find out why it’s slowing you down

Local Law 196 Update: Must-Read If You’re Planning Construction Work

Training requirements for NYC construction workers are about to be enforced. Avoid $5000 fines per worker – learn more in today’s post!

Did You Miss These Top 4 Compliance Updates?

NYC Agencies are releasing several new rules, going into effect shortly or in 2019 – make sure your properties are prepared for the latest changes!

The Biggest Changes for the 2019 Annual Mailings Season

2019 brings news stipulations for the annual safety notice mailings. Find out what’s new and how you can comply with the law here!

Here’s What You Missed at RealFocus 2018

The year’s biggest event gave teams a first look at brand new technology, plus insider information on the latest upcoming regulations. Check out what you missed!

NEW Elevator Update: DOB NOW Filings, Door Monitoring, & Carrying Capacity

We’ve gathered all the news about the DOB NOW elevator inspection filing change, door monitoring system update, and new carrying capacity signage.

Do You Require Your Tenants to Have Renters Insurance?

Requiring your tenants to have renters insurance will benefit you both! Curious how? Find out the ins and outs of requiring renters insurance here!

New FDNY Proposed Rule Establishes Standards for Fire & Non-Emergency Drills

The FDNY’s newest proposed rule is headed for a public hearing on 9/17/18 – find out more about updates to emergency drills in this post!

UPDATE: New Smoking Policy Rule Goes Into Effect This Month For Class A Residential Properties

Class A multifamily buildings will be responsible for developing Smoking Policies – find out what you’ll need to include in yours.

Cooling Tower Compliance Questions Answered!

Cooling Tower Compliance doesn’t have to be tricky! Learn the best practices from our Q&A with Scott Lenzi, Cooling Tower expert.

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Benchmarking

Make sure you’re up-to-date on all the new regulations released for Benchmarking – know when you need to file, or if you have to file at all!

The One Step to Avoiding HPD Fines

HPD’s annual registration deadline is coming – make sure you avoid violations and secure registration for the 2019 year!

DOB Releases Tenant Protection Plan Notice – Required for Buildings Occupied During Construction

Avoid increased scrutiny at your construction site – download key TPP forms & comply with the DOB’s latest policies against tenant harassment

Listen to SiteCompli’s Summer Camp Playlist!

We gathered our favorite summer tunes for your perfect working playlist. Read more, and listen in to our SiteCompli Summer Camp list on Spotify!

Are you in compliance with the FDNY?

The FDNY can be one of the hardest agencies to keep up with due to their records being offline. Review our mega-post compiling all things FDNY today!

Cooling Towers Update: Keeping Cool, Calm and in Compliance This Summer

Summer is finally here, which means cooling tower maintenance and avoiding fines are top of mind for property managers across NYC. Find the top 3 resources!

ELEVATOR UPDATE: Inspections Submitted in DOB NOW Starting 9/17

Elevator inspection filings are making the jump to DOB NOW: Safety this September. Make sure you avoid $3,000 per device fines and stay compliant in 2018!

ECB Doubled Down on Fine Collection Efforts – What Was the Result?

The ECB released their annual report on collections efforts – find out which agencies are issuing the most violations, and which have the largest judgments

Residential and Commercial Properties are Competing for the Happiest Tenants

Office buildings and apartments in the 1950s are a far cry from the spaces today, and for good reason – property managers and owners are competing with other buildings to make their space the property of the future, and make tenants happy. Residential Buildings: Residential buildings are constantly changing and being updated. One way property managers and landlords are updating … Read More

How Property Managers Use InCheck Teams to Get More Done

Work the way your organization is structured – only better. InCheck Teams makes sure the job gets done, no matter who’s onsite or on a shift.

Your Guide to SiteCompli Summer Camp 2018

Are you ready for four weeks of compliance news, SiteCompli updates, and summer fun? Join SiteCompli’s Summer Camp & learn the latest industry happenings.

Time to Enroll for Compliance Summer Camp!

Managing the tenant move-in/move-out process? Here are some industry best practices on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff and your tenants.

Compactor Chute Cleaning and Treatment

The experts at Dial-A-Bug shared with us insights on maintaining pest-free buildings. Compactor and chute cleanliness is key when it comes to pest control.

How to Become Property Manager of the Future

Managing the tenant move-in/move-out process? Here are some industry best practices on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff and your tenants.

(UPDATE) Are You Ready to File Sprinkler Compliance Reports (Local Law 26/04)?

The July 1 deadline for LL26/04 is approaching – does your team know what to submit for Sprinkler Compliance Reports?

NEW FDNY Proposed Changes to Fire Safety Guides

The FDNY might be changing the content and delivery of the annual Fire Safety Guide – find out how your buildings will be impacted, and what you’ll need to do in our latest post.

Make Your Work Automatic with New InCheck Workflows

InCheck’s newest feature makes sure your team tackles projects the right way – your way – every time. Learn more about how Workflows make work simple.

Will Your Building Have to Post Energy Efficiency Scores?

There’s a new rule for covered buildings – find out whether or not you’ll have to comply with this new public posting for energy grades and scores.

SiteCompli Volunteers at The Bridge

This year marked SiteCompli’s 5th Volunteer Day, and we were happy to spend it painting, gardening, and assisting residents at The Bridge in Harlem.

New Fire Safety Requirements for Residential Buildings

The city council just released a package of new fire prevention regulations – find out what you need to do to protect your portfolio now and going forward

Due Diligence – The Newest Must-Have Feature for Making Property Decisions Fast

Managing the tenant move-in/move-out process? Here are some industry best practices on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff and your tenants.

BENCHMARKING UPDATE – 2018 Due Date Extension Announced for December

The DOB announced an extension for buildings to submit their 2017 data – find out the new due date and stay posted on the latest changes!

Long Term Compliance: Are You In Line With Local Law 26/04?

Does your team know what to submit this July and July 2019 to stay compliant with the FDNY? Find out by reading this guest compilation from NY Engineers!

Why Productivity is Your Biggest Property Management Pain

Is your property management team suffering from the productivity problem? Read more and find out why you’re not alone:

What To See At BuildingsNY 2018: 4 Can’t-Miss Takeaways

BuildingsNY is right around the corner! From webinars to demos to meeting the SiteCompli team, it’s a show you don’t want to miss. Have you registered yet?

The One Step You’re Missing in the Due Diligence Process

How does your team vet new acquisitions or prepare for new business? Don’t miss out on the very first step you should be taking – read more:

Announcing RealFocus 2018 – NYC’s Biggest All-Day Educational Event for Owners and Managers!

Don’t miss out on RealFocus 2018, the biggest educational event for property management & NYC compliance! Read & learn more about this year!

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Compliance is Here – Download Your 2018 Vio Guide!

The updated NYC Violations Companion Guide is available for 2018 – read up on new construction regulations, learn how to prevent common infractions, & make sure you’ve got your compliance basics covered.

DOB Releases Proposed Mid-Sized Benchmarking Due Date

The DOB is proposing a new due date for mid-sized buildings to submit Benchmarking data. Don’t miss out on the comment period, ending April 2018!

New DOB Permit Fees Go Into Effect March 5th

DOB filing fees are changing March 5, 2018 for jobs going back as far as June 2016 – make sure you know how your portfolio will be impacted!

DOB Survival Kit: A Property Manager’s Best Friend

From required inspections to complaints and violations, understand how the DOB impacts your portfolio with the DOB Survival Kit.

Know the Code: Avoid Infractions and Costly Penalties From the FDNY

Learn how FDNY requirements impact your property, and what you can do to prevent serious infractions and costly penalties.

The Very Best ‘Best Practices’ for Residential Move-Ins

Moving tenants is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be – check out our guide for the four things most property managers miss during a move.

The Practical Guide to Talking With Your Tenants

Make the process of reaching out to your tenants simple and easy. Get our free guide to tenant outreach, from the moment of move-in to lease renewal!

UPDATE: How to Confirm if Your Property is Required to Submit LL84 Reports This Year

The DOB is updating their requirements for buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and up – make sure you know if your building is required to file!

DOB Service Update Roundup – What You Need to Know

Read up on the latest changes straight from the Department of Buildings & find out what’s new for your buildings in 2018

Live Chat: Compliance Questions Most People Get Wrong

Our expert Live Chat team fields all different kinds of questions teams across NYC. Find out what people are asking – and what they’re missing.

4 Weeks of Compliance Answers are Here!

Find out critical answers to this year’s quiz contest, from basic NYC compliance to new violations, rules, and regulations.

NYS Condo & Co-Op Conflict of Interest Law Goes Into Effect Jan. 1

If you work with condos or co-ops in New York State, make sure you’re aware of the latest annual requirement going into effect on January 1st.

New Housing & Construction Laws Round Out 2017 Changes

On December 19th, the city council enacted more housing and construction regulations to cap off a busy 2017 – read up on the new rules in our post.

Home Alone 2: A Study in NYC Buildings Compliance

Kevin McCallister had a knack for getting into trouble with his family, but with NYC Agencies? It’s a compliance crackdown on Home Alone 2!

New Proposed DOB Penalty Schedule Released

The DOB is updating their penalty schedule for ECB-related violations – find out what’s new, and which violations are going up in 2018.

Stay on track – The secret to managing vendor insurance

We have the in’s and out’s on how to systematically monitor vendor insurance to avoid wasted time, money, and potential law suits.

It’s Back – Don’t Miss Out on Winning SiteCompli’s 4 Weeks of Compliance!

SiteCompli’s annual, seasonal compliance review is back, and this time you could be crowned compliance champion! Play now to win!

The Speed Release – 2 Newest Features now LIVE in your SiteCompli Account!

You need compliance information fast, so we’re giving it to you even faster. Log into SiteCompli to get equipment statuses and answers at lightning speed

Top Three Pitfalls of Property Managers – Everywhere!

Missteps with communication, paperwork, & complaints can leave you dangling off the proverbial property cliff. Read on to prevent the top 3 manager missteps

Work It Out – Real Estate and the Fitness Craze

America’s fitness craze is creeping into residential and commercial real estate. Learn more about what others are doing to make buildings more fitness-friendly & how you can get in on the trend.

Elevators and Boilers: The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Violations

SiteCompli’s elevator and boiler guide will help keep you up to date on all of the newest laws. Avoid violations, and stay informed!

Stranger Things, Volume 2: Odd Happenings in Real Estate

Take a break with a short round-up of real estate’s strangest happenings during our annual Halloween-themed blog post!

Exciting Announcement: We’re Hiring!

Are you a passionate marketer with a creative drive? Let’s talk! Join the SiteCompli team as a Marketing Program Specialist!

If You’re Not Using These Safety Mailings Strategies, You’re Working Too Hard

These are the top 3 strategies for getting the highest tenant response rate possible with the least amount of manual work

Additional Increases in Construction-Related Violations Coming Soon

More construction-related regulations are on the way. Find out what’s getting updated and what’s changing now.

Webinar Alert! New Construction & Tenant Regulations

Managing the tenant move-in/move-out process? Here are some industry best practices on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff and your tenants.

Introducing SiteCompli’s 2017 CheckMark Award Winners!

Managing New York City real estate is complicated, time consuming, and demanding. However, it’s rapidly becoming more accessible and functional thanks to the hard work of countless industry leaders. That’s why we decided to acknowledge the thought leaders and go-getters that help make it the flourishing industry it is today. SiteCompli launched its first-ever Checkmark Awards at RealFocus 2017 to ... Read More

How DOT Violations Impact Your Properties

While your first thought isn’t “buildings” when you hear Department of Transportation, maybe it should be – learn how this agency impacts your properties

UPDATE: HPD’s New Gas Leak Notice (And What You’re Required to Do)

HPD’s new gas leak procedure notice rules go into effect on October 18th – read up & make sure you’re prepared to avoid signage violations

Smooth Moves – Streamlining Your Move-In Process

Managing the tenant move-in/move-out process? Here are some industry best practices on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff and your tenants.

Ask the Expert: Original Energy

SiteCompli’s Ask the Expert series focuses in on Local Laws 84 and 87 with help from guest expert Original Energy – learn more about these requirements here

Marketing for Millennials: Leasing Tips for Property Managers

Pulling double duty as a manager/operator and a leasing agent? Here are some tips and tricks our clients shared for marketing to the largest rental group!

Ask The Experts: Cohen, Hochman & Allen Focus In On Violations

Check in with Cohen, Hochman & Allen attorney Lindsay Garroway about the two biggest violations hitting NYC owners and managers this year.

REMINDER – Turn Up the Heat: NYC Council Raises Temps for Next Heat Season

It’s two weeks until the next Heat Season – do you know about the new overnight temperature standards? Make sure you’re compliance-ready.

A Mini RealFocus Recap: How 250 of Your Colleagues Spent Their Tuesday

What happens when a fire chief, DOB representatives, and 250 property management professionals enter a room? HINT: the year’s biggest compliance conference!

New Report – How To Prevent Your Property From Becoming A Statistic

SiteCompli’s latest NYC report covers changes in violation issue rates across all boroughs. Learn how to prevent the most frequently issued infractions now.

New Smoking Policy Rule Goes Into Effect Next Year For Class A Residential Properties

Class A multifamily buildings will be responsible for developing Smoking Policies – find out what you’ll need to include in yours.

Student Housing Market Takes Real Estate Companies Back To School

Owners and developers are increasingly looking to the student housing market as a new opportunity – learn more about this growth area.

Local Law 69-2017 Update: Infestation History Requirement

Multifamily owners and managers will be required to submit and post even more information starting next year – learn more today.

Ask the Expert: Elevator Regulations

SiteCompli speaks with Joe and Jo Ann Caracappa at Sierra Consulting Group, an elevator consulting firm specializing in elevator evaluations.

How 18 New Tenant-Based Regulations Will Impact Your Buildings

The City Council enacted several laws targeting residential construction and tenant harassment. Learn how they will impact your buildings going forward.

DOB Launches Private Elevator Amnesty and Free Inspection Program

The DOB is launching a limited-time program for owners of private elevators. Find out how you can take advantage of free inspections and a 90-day amnesty.

Benchmarking Help Center Survey – How Can BHC Help You Comply With The New Law?

Expanded benchmarking laws in NYC are coming, and the DOB wants your opinion. Take the Benchmarking Help Center’s survey for owners and managers.

Annual DEP Grant Program for Stormwater Runoff Accepting Applications

DEP is still accepting applicants for their annual stormwater runoff grant program – don’t miss out on getting funding for your sustainability project!

Boiler Compliance Filings Shift to DOB NOW: Safety on August 14

DOB is shifting another required regular inspection filing to their online portal. Find out how to submit your boiler compliance now!

Commercial Buildings: New Recycling Regulations Go Into Effect August 1st

Commercial buildings must separate waste, recyclables, and post sanitation plans by August 1st, or face new penalties. Learn how to comply & prevent fines.

Proposed Rule Hearing Scheduled for August 7th on HPD’s New Gas Leak Notice

HPD has proposed specifics for the new notice requirement for gas leaks. Attend the hearing on August 7th to learn more and comment on these changes.

Compliance Reminder: FDNY Directional and Emergency Markings

Review regulations for FDNY-required signs and markings at your buildings, including what needs to be in place now!

What is the Internet of Things, and How Does it Impact Your Properties?

How can your real estate organization grow by connecting to the Internet of Things? Learn more about the future of property technology here.

Three Things to Remember for DEC-Regulated Oil Tanks

Prevent steep fines (some higher than $15,000!) by knowing what to do with your underground or aboveground bulk storage tank.

NYC is Looking for Benchmarking Focus Group Participants – Here Are the Details

Expanded benchmarking laws in NYC are coming, and the DOB wants your opinions. Find out about upcoming Benchmarking focus groups.

Ask the Expert: FDNY Permit Accounts & Your Building

FDNY Permit Accounts are incredibly important to keeping your building up to code – but can also be difficult to understand. Get expertise today.

Staying on Top of Sustainability Compliance

How FMs Can Keep Pace With New And Changing Regulations

Be the First to Be the Best – Nominate Yourself for a Checkmark Award!

Do you think your team deserves citywide recognition for being the best? Nominate yourself for a Checkmark Award, and stand out amongst the crowd!

We Found Your #1 Source for Compliance Information

Have you read all of the industry’s top compliance resources? Learn how to access them on-demand!

SiteCompli Announces Checkmark Awards to Recognize New York’s Finest Property Management Companies

The SiteCompli Checkmark Awards highlights outstanding organizations and individuals in property management that set the bar high when it comes to industry standards.

Prevent Cooling Tower Violations – Here’s a Roundup of What You Need to Know

Violations for cooling towers are ramping up across NYC – make sure you’re prepared for ongoing maintenance plan and programs!

Residential Buildings: Make Sure You Post This Notice by June 4, 2017

Local Law 153 requires you to notify tenants of procedures in case of a gas leak – read more to see the sample notice and comply by June 4, 2017:

Chain Restaurants and Food Retailers: Enforcement of Calorie Count and Nutrition Rule Starts 5/22

In addition to calorie counts, chain restaurants and food retailers now have to post nutritional information. Find out what’s required here.

New Sanitation Penalty Schedule

The DSNY is changing their penalty schedule – see the fines for repeat violations here.

Retailers: How Safe are You From Compliance Risk?

Across the country, retailers are in danger of skyrocketing fines and store shutdowns. Read now to learn more about how they’re combatting compliance woes

Reminder: New DOB Penalty Sheet and Fine Reduction Goes Into Effect on Wednesday 5/10

The DOB will be accepted reduced penalties for defaulted violations after they’re corrected – find out more, and read the new rule here!

Workspace Spotlight: SiteCompli

Taking up almost 11,000 square feet in the Flatiron District, SiteCompli’s office is a genuine reflection of who they are as employees and as a company.

New NYC Bedbug Law Requires Additional Disclosures

The NY City Council just passed a law requiring additional disclosures for bedbug history at residential properties – read more about the new law here.

Unpacking the Problems with Package Delivery

One of the most frequently discussed issues in residential management is package delivery – how is increasing e-commerce sales affecting your buildings?

Three Reasons Why We’re Excited for RealFocus in 2017!

RealFocus 2017 is right around the corner! Here are some of the top three things you can look forward to at this year’s RealFocus.

BuildingsNY Show Recap: Your 5 Most-Pressing Questions, Answered!

We met with over 500 owners and managers at BuildingsNY, and answered some very critical questions. Here’s what you need to know.

Three Updates for Recent Gas Regulations

More key updates for the recent gas piping system regulations from the Department of Buildings – find out what can impact your buildings today

SiteCompli Enhances Industry-Leading Software with “The Automation Release”

Property Managers & Owners Reduce Manual Workload & Increase Efficiency With New Focus on Automation.

The DOB is Updating their Penalty Schedule, and There’s A Huge Possible Change

The DOB is adjusting their penalty schedule, and there’s a big possible change that could impact your properties. Find out more in our latest post.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit SiteCompli at BNY 2017

BuildingsNY is right around the corner! From webinars to demos to meeting the SiteCompli team, it’s a show you don’t want to miss. Have you registered yet?

4 NYC co-founders share the key to a successful partnership

SiteCompli’s co-founders Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg share the story of how they met and why their partnership works.

Upcoming NYC Requirement: Address Postings at All Building Entrances

Do you have the address posted near every entrance to your building? It’s now a NYC law. Learn more about this requirement in our new post.

Update: Get the Details on New Gas Safety Regulations

We’re breaking down each of the new local laws related to gas lines and piping – read more to find out how they impact your properties

2018 Fiscal Year Property Tax Assessments are Here

The FY 2018 Property Tax Assessments are in – learn how to challenge your assessment before the March deadline.

Recent Law Changes: What you Need to Know Going Forward

Take a look back at some of the most critical and complex compliance changes of 2016 with SiteCompli’s 4 Weeks of Compliance.

Compliance Archives: The Category 3 Elevator Inspection

Have you ever heard of a Category 3 Elevator Inspection? Learn about this rare requirement for elevator devices in NYC.

Are DOB-ECB Violations Increasing?

SiteCompli did the research and found out how the DOB’s efforts to expand enforcement impacted DOB-ECB violations, and communities around NYC.

DOB ramps up construction violations following high number of on-site deaths: report

SiteCompli's State of the Neighborhood reports is featured in The Real Deal's DOB Construction article. The share of construction-related violations of the combined DOB and environmental control board (ECB) issued also climbed steadily over the past year, rising to 73.6 percent in July 2016 from 59.9 percent in January 2015, according to SiteCompli.

New Energy Efficiency Program for Residential Management Teams

If you’re a small to mid-sized residential property operator, take advantage of the newest no-cost sustainability program from NYC!

New Gas Safety Regulations Signed Into Law

New regulations for gas-related inspections, construction, and maintenance will soon go into effect – find out how these new laws impact your building.

These are the 18 Coolest Companies to Work for in NYC

SiteCompli is featured in UNCUBED's list of coolest NYC companies - thanks to our unique perks. Here’s a wild idea: get a cash bonus every time you take a vacation. Well SiteCompli has made that a reality. Their “paid, paid vacation policy” rewards every employee that takes a consecutive five-day vacation (yes, please!).

Covered Buildings List Expanding – Is Your Property Required to File?

If your NYC property is over 25,000 sq. ft., you’ll be required to file going forward. Learn how you can comply with Benchmarking laws now.

From Complaints & Violations to Registration: Why handling the HPD is important year-round

Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) issues are always a hot topic this time of year, when temperatures drop and tenant heat complaints tend to rise.

Innovatively Transforming the Real Estate Compliance Space

SiteCompli was recognized by CIOReview magazine as a "2016 Most Promising Compliance Solution Provider." Real estate compliance used to be synonymous with “paperwork”—loads of it. For years, the closest it came to embracing technology was with the fax machine. That was when Ross Goldenberg and Jason Griffith—graduates of Columbia Business School—stepped in with SiteCompli, revolutionizing the real estate compliance landscape ... Read More

New FTC Screening Guidance for Residential Landlords

Do you run tenant background checks? Make sure you’re complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act!

The ACC1 Violation is Back – How to Prevent This Costly Infraction

The ACC1 was just issued for the first time in two years – learn what to do to prevent this costly elevator violation.

SiteCompli Named SmartCEO 2016 New York Corporate Culture Winner

For Ross Goldenberg and Jason Griffith, culture is the bedrock on which SiteCompli is based. They hope to see their own enthusiasm mirrored in the attitudes of every employee. Goldenberg and Griffith actively work to make their company the best place to work, and that requires more than perks and benefits. The co-CEOs devote themselves to creating genuine personal and ... Read More

The Regulatory Tidal Wave Is Coming

SiteCompli contributes to the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association 2017 Trends Report (pg. 24-25). The amount and impact of potential new regulations affecting FM rises and falls with the political landscape. However, during the last year, there have been an increasing number of new regulations and updates to existing regulations of which FM members need to be aware, as they ... Read More

Does your property require the new FDNY Certificate of Fitness?

A new FDNY Certificate of Fitness just replaced two others – here’s what you need to know about the Fire and Life Safety Director certification.

How to Avoid the Alternative Enforcement Program

Here’s a simple guide to Alternative Enforcement Program statistics, and how to avoid becoming one.

The Heat is On! Getting Through Heat Season in NYC

Is your team prepared for NYC heat season? Learn about HPD’s enforcement methods and prevent escalation.

Stranger Things: The Oddest Laws in Real Estate Compliance

In honor of the hit Netflix show, here’s some of the stranger real estate compliance things we’ve come across.

A RealFocus Recap in Pictures

Find out what over 200 of NYC’s top owners and managers discussed during RealFocus, our inaugural all-day event centered around real estate compliance.

Can You Tell the Difference Between an FDNY Summons and a Criminal Summons?

The FDNY has recently begun to label some Notices of Violation (infractions tied to an ECB hearing and fine) as FDNY Summonses. Here’s a quick reference:

It’s mid-October. Do you know where your elevator and boiler inspections are?

It’s time to review the status of annual inspections for equipment at your property – prevent administrative fines before the end of the year!

How to Identify and Avoid Common Sanitation Violations

Sanitation violations account for the highest number of ECB-related tickets issued in NYC – do you know how to spot and prevent them?

2016 NYC REtech Week Overview

An overview of some of the best Real Estate Tech events, including RealFocus. SiteCompli’s RealFocus: Today's Topics in Real Estate Compliance, drew more than 150 owners, property managers and industry experts to the Eventi Hotel on Thursday, Sept 29, at SiteCompli’s inaugural tech conference. Attendees heard about industry-changing regulations and learned practical skills and best practices to save time and ... Read More

Your business is exposed to risk from tenant mailings. Here’s why.

Make sure you have a plan for tackling annual tenant safety notices and following up – the penalties for non-compliance are steep!

Tech, Real Estate Collide During New York Real Estate Tech Week 2016

One of the problems that property managers face in terms of compliance is that their access to real-time information is limited. Being able to read municipal codes and building rules is not enough to be fully compliant; what really helps in this regard is being connected to the beat of compliance incidents such as: fines, violations, building permits, and more. ... Read More

SiteCompli Brings First Real Estate Compliance Event to New York City

More than 200 real estate industry professionals will come together on September 29th for RealFocus – New York City’s first real estate conference specifically focused on regulatory compliance. Presented by SiteCompli, the industry leader in Compliance Automation Technology (CAT), RealFocus will equip attendees with the compliance strategies they need to efficiently manage their businesses while saving time and money. “The ... Read More

Announcing the SiteCompli Knowledge Center!

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Visit the most comprehensive compliance resource on the web – the SiteCompli Knowledge Center.

Two Big Changes in NYC Compliance This Week

Make sure you haven’t missed any NYC compliance news this week – get the scoop on major headlines here.

Beware DOH “Vermin Control Violation” Scam

Have you received this fake violation? Learn how to avoid being a victim of this fraudulent pest infraction scam.

Your Back to School Compliance Guide

School is officially in session! We’ve gone through our archives and pulled out some of our most popular compliance resources for your review. While we’re not planning on giving a written exam, it’s still a good idea to brush up on your compliance facts and make sure you’ve got a good plan in place for the Fall.

Have You Registered Your Property with HPD Yet?

Review what you need for HPD Registration, and make sure you’re set for this annual requirement for multifamily buildings, hotels, condos, co-ops and more!

How technology is forever changing real estate in New York City

A Look Inside SiteCompli’s New NYC Office

Don’t Pay That Fine!

The Ultimate ECB Amnesty Resource

All you need to make sure your ECB fines are forgiven – don’t miss out on this limited-time ECB amnesty program run by the Department of Finance!

Are You Joining Us at RealFocus?

Make sure you’re not the only one left out of the all-day, all-compliance event at the Hotel Eventi on September 29th.

SiteCompli Rebuilds Mott Haven Community Garden

This year marked SiteCompli’s 3rd Volunteer Day, and we were happy to spend it rebuilding the Mott Haven Community Garden in the South Bronx.

Three Things You Need in A Compliance Plan

Does your compliance plan include these three must-have components? Conquer requirements and combat surprises by implementing these necessary strategies.

Construction is Up, and So are Stop Work Orders

Per Politico, Stop Work Orders are on the rise, and show no signs of slowing in 2016. In fact, they’re growing at a faster rate than new NYC construction.

Watch the 2016 Mid-Year Compliance Check-In Webinar!

Learn what’s impacting your portfolio now – watch the can’t-miss compliance webinar event reviewing NYC agency changes and updated regulations.

Top Three Pitfalls for NYC Property Managers

Missteps with communication, paperwork, & complaints can leave you dangling off the proverbial property cliff. Read on to prevent the top 3 manager missteps

Big Changes are Coming for Boiler Triennials

Local Law 38 of 2015 increased the thresholds for boiler registrations from 2.8 million btu/hr to 4.2 million btu/hr. Read more about it here!

SiteCompli’s New Revamped Website!

The SiteCompli team is excited to announce that we have launched our new public website! This revamp features great content and new features.

Office Cribs: 6 Flatiron Tech Offices That’ll Give You Office Envy

SiteCompli: Reduce Risk by Tracking Compliance Automatically and Continuously

Expansion of Construction Superintendent Sites and Duties

The expansion of construction superintendent sites and duties have expanded with the latest Department of Buildings new law, 1 RCNY 3301-02.

Cooling Towers: What You Need to Know

Just in time for the heat of summer, maintenance requirements for cooling towers are finally here. Read the recently released new rules for NYC

What is Real Estate Compliance?

Most people entering a building don’t think about the laws that govern the structure they’re currently standing in. But perhaps you should and read our post

15 NYC Real Estate Startups You Should Know

Tech Isn’t All Stress: 4 NYC Tech Companies that Value Work/Life Balance

Top 20 NYC Startups Hiring for Non-Technical Jobs, 2016 Edition

2016 May See Record DOB Fines Issued Across NYC

The mayor’s office announced a sweeping set of new compliance regulations to answer risks associated with the city’s construction boom.

5 NYC Tech Companies Explain the Special, Weird Things They Do to Build an Incredible Culture

Meet the Company Keeping NYC’s Buildings Running

How 5 NYC Commercial Real Estate Pros Use Tech to Get Deals Done

Property management compliance Is serious business

How can you get ahead of the curve when it comes to property management compliance? Operating residential real estate properties is a constant challenge. In New York City, the difficulty in keeping track of local law changes year after year and increasing fines and penalties are two realities residential property owners and managers contend with every day.

Welcome to the Epicenter of Real Estate Tech

SiteCompli Unveils Next Generation Compliance Monitoring

SiteCompli Named a “Best Place to Work in New York City” for Second Year in a Row

SiteCompli Earns Exclusive Honors On Inc. Magazine’s List Of Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies In America

For a Better Party, Rent Puppies

SiteCompli Announces Acquisition of EMPOWER

Acquisition boosts SiteCompli’s industry-leading suite of high impact compliance solutions with enhanced workflow tools, mobile technology, expanded data monitoring and analytics capabilities. SiteCompli, the leading provider of compliance monitoring, reporting, and alerting software to New York City area property owners, managers, tenants, institutions and investors, announced today that it has acquired EMPOWER, an influential NYC-based technology company that provides pioneering ... Read More

How SiteCompli Achieves Rapid Growth with a One-Person Talent Team

SiteCompli: Allowing NY Commercial Property Owners to Sleep Soundly

Check out SIteCompli's coverage from Real Estate Tech News. After all, the only thing worse than spending hours of your time combing through fragmented databases for critical pieces of information pertaining to your portfolio is having some last-minute change in a law ending up costing you money anyway. SiteCompli is a compliance-monitoring solution that keeps track of all of the pertinent ... Read More

SiteCompli Earns Exclusive Honors on Inc. Magazine’s List of the Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America

SiteCompli Secures Investment to Finance Growth

SiteCompli Receives Strategic Investment from dmg :: information to Fuel Rapid Growth and Innovation

Real Estate’s Big Ideas

Data into Dollars: SiteCompli Saves Customers Thousands Daily

Property Management Compliance Is Serious Business

SiteCompli Selected as a “Best Place to Work for Recent Grads” for Second Consecutive Year

Computerized Violation-Tracking and Alert Services: The New Cool Tool