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SOLUTIONS : OATH Fines & Hearings

Connect The Best Data
With Better Representation

The only flexible full service solution for dealing with OATH fines & hearings.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Connect the best data with all your representatives – whichever ones you choose!

Centralize Your Communication

InCheck is your hub for hearing-related notes, documentation, and updates so you can stay informed in seconds.

Automatic Hearings Response

Whether you connect your preferred vendors & representation or manage hearings in-house, jump into action with automatically assigned work.

Prevent Fines With Proactive Tools

Protect your portfolio with powerful tools that enforce routine work & prevent costly violations – like automated document management & inspections.

More InCheck Solutions

Teams like yours are using InCheck for their most critical onsite work.

NYC DOB Regulations

Automate everything – from filings to complaint response

Preventive Maintenance

Make onsite routines more consistent, automatically

FDNY Compliance

Protect your assets with key data & automatic action

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