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NYC's #1 Choice To Prevent Fines & Penalties

NYC compliance requirements are getting more and more challenging – protect your assets (and your business) with SiteCompli’s industry-leading solutions.

Data You Need & Education You Trust

SiteCompli is your partner in compliance – an extension of your team when it comes to identifying & resolving issues.

Critical Alerts & In-Depth Analytics

Manage your local law response plan together with timely, custom alerts on city agency changes and detailed reporting and analytics (DOB, FDNY, HPD, OATH, and more).

Ensure your entire team is in the loop so you can triage issues ASAP and understand how to manage impact to your portfolio in the long run.

Proactive Compliance Tracking

From facade inspections to ongoing elevator requirements, track city statuses alongside your team’s work & prevent thousands in annual penalties.

And when it comes to changes in the law, we’ve got you covered at the SiteCompli Blog with the latest news & updates.

Built-In Expert Violation Response

Connect all your compliance experts – vendors, OATH attorneys, code consultants and more – directly with SiteCompli solutions, and ensure the best team is on the job, no matter what you’re working on.

Perform & Track Requirements In One Place

Manage all your compliance work together, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Perform & Track Requirements

Whether it’s Local Law 55 or 31, you can perform and track inspections, log required tests and follow-up work, and protect your buildings from agency audits – all with SiteCompli solutions.

See how FirstService Residential handles Local Law 55 requirements here. 

Automated Routines & Responses

Automatically trigger regular inspections & assign step-by-step compliance work to anyone, at any property, as soon as an issue appears. Arm your team with the best tools to get the job done & stay in compliance.

Integrated Mailings Solution

Max out your annual safety mailings responses & assign and track all follow-up work with SiteCompli’s integrated Mailings solution. Seamless onsite tools for everything from data collection to inspections and response work management protect your team and your residents from risk.

Explore More Solutions For Your Critical Compliance Work

InCheck’s built-in tools go beyond the data to help prevent & resolve infractions, reduce fines, and keep your buildings in compliance. Manage your most important compliance work together, all in one place:

Even More Solutions From SiteCompli

Take your operations to the next level with industry-leading tools:

Preventive Maintenance

Make onsite routines more consistent, automatically

Document Management

Save time by making your records work for you

Resident Requests

Faster triage & response for better resident relationships

Smart Automation Is The Key To Better NOI

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