NYC's Most-Trusted Safety Mailings Solution

It’s used in over half a million apartment units for a reason – because great management teams know mailings season goes beyond the responses.

Only InCheck gets you through all of annual safety notice season – from tracking responses to inspection & installations – with the least amount of hassle and lowest risk.


“SiteCompli is just taking on so much of what we used to do, and doing it better.”

Divya Rashad
Executive Vice President & Managing Director
The Andrews Organization

Industry-High Response Rates Made Easy

Get maximum information from your tenants without wasting any time – SiteCompli’s mailings solution makes response capture automatic, and gets you the details you need so your company and buildings are covered.  

The Most Ways To Respond

Tenants can quickly respond via mail, online, phone, and fax

Instant Mobile Response Capture

Save tenant responses from wherever you are using the InCheck Mobile App

Automated Reminders

Automatic emails and phone calls sent to non-responsive tenants

Unlimited Form Printing

On-demand manual forms for staff follow-ups, directly from your account

The Most Efficient Way To Take Action

Assign and track actions for every response – including in bulk across properties – so you know what work is happening (or needs to happen ASAP).

Built-In Industry Knowledge

Deploy detailed work instructions for required inspections, installations, and more

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate one-click reports across your portfolio for tracking responses & action items

Seamless Compliance

With an increase in annual agency audits and potential fines, you’ll want to make sure your company is covered throughout the entire mailings process.  

One-Click Compliance

Instantly generate required letters to the DOHMH, which automatically include your documented follow-ups

Stove Knob Cover Notices

Available mailing and tracking for required Stove Knob Cover Notices, linked to your mailing response data

FDNY Back-Of-Door Certifications

Optional Back-Of-Door Certification question to ensure compliance with critical requirement

The Most Trusted Solutions For Your Properties

Find out why 90% of NYC’s top owners and managers choose SiteCompli:

Perform Better Inspections

Schedule recurring & required inspections seamlessly, and perform them on the industry’s best mobile app.

Take Action On NYC Compliance

Access NYC property managers’ favorite solution for tracking and responding to NYC compliance.

Work The Right Way

Deploy detailed Workflows for every project, assigned to the right people automatically.

See how much more your team can get done with InCheck - get a closer look: