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Protect Your Portfolio
With Comprehensive Lead Paint Compliance

From mailings to XRF test results & response – orchestrate all your lead paint compliance together & avoid increased enforcement.


Record Every Response & Action

Make your portfolio audit-proof with automated responses & more.

XRF Testing Results & Response

Add your trusted lead expert to InCheck, and manage XRF test scheduling, documentation, and follow-ups in one place.

Multiple Lead Data Inputs

Ensure all units are covered for XRF testing at the right time, based on your team’s inspections, knowledge, mailing data, and more.

Best Safety Mailings Solution

Comprehensive safety mailings solution gives your team automated tools to maximize responses & make follow-ups a breeze – get a closer look here.

Connect The Best Experts With The Best Tools

Here’s how teams are staying on top of Local Law 31 lead requirements with InCheck:

More InCheck Solutions

Teams like yours are using InCheck for critical onsite work & requirements:

Local Law 55

The best way to stay compliant with this requirement

Preventive Maintenance

Make onsite routines more consistent, automatically

OATH Fines & Hearings

Connect the best data directly with your representation

See how much more your team can get done with InCheck - get a closer look: