The ACC1 Violation is Back – How to Prevent This Costly Infraction

The ACC1 violation (Affirmation of Correction – Category 1) was issued last week for the first time in two years. Last seen in 2014, ACC1s are issued for failure to file an Affirmation of Correction on an Unsatisfactory Category 1 elevator inspection. The ACC1 carries a penalty of $3,000 per noncompliant device. This is the same civil penalty issued for failure to file a Category 1 inspection (EVCAT1).

ACC1s in History
  • ACC1s were first issued around 2012, one per building. Penalty sheets were required to determine the total fine per building, per year.
  • The last group of issued ACC1s was dated 5/30/14. A number of these violations were issued incorrectly, causing the DOB to eliminate fines for this issuance only. If you have an open ACC1 violation with this issue date, corrections may still be required though the fine is not.
How do you prevent an ACC1?
  • Make sure you file Affirmations of Correction on all Unsatisfactory devices within the required timeframe. As a reminder, defects must be corrected within 120 days of the initial inspection date, and filed 60 days after the date of correction.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with your elevator vendors and consultants – request copies of all stamped (submitted) Affirmations of Correction and initial Category 1 tests. SiteCompli clients can upload these critical documents to their account via Notes and Files, making sure everyone on their team has easy access going forward.
What do I do if I received an ACC1 this year?
  • Immediately contact your elevator vendor and third-party elevator consultant. Confirm if an Affirmation of Correction was ever filed, and if a stamped copy is available. If so, they can provide the same to the DOB in the hopes of dismissing the ACC1.
  • If an Affirmation of Correction was required and never filed, proof of current compliance (up-to-date Category 1 inspections) must be shown, and the fine must be paid per noncompliant device.
  • These ACC1 violations were issued for the 2014 inspection cycle. If you have changed elevator vendors since the 2014 inspections, you may need to contact your former vendor/consultant to review their records

For more information on maintaining elevator devices, read the most recent SiteCompli Elevator & Boiler Guide.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have specific questions about the ACC1 violation or your portfolio.

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