Are You Joining Us at RealFocus?

You may have heard a little bit about SiteCompli’s very first all-day event, RealFocus. You may even have reserved your seat, as many folks already have. If you haven’t heard the news, and if you’re wondering what it’s all about, look no more – we’ve rounded up all you need to learn about RealFocus, and why you should be there this year.

Whether it’s through webinars, one-on-one sessions, or team trainings, SiteCompli has been providing compliance education to thousands of industry professionals for years. Now you can show your training experience with SiteCompli Certification. RealFocus guests will be the first to access SiteCompli’s learning portal, SiteCompli U, featuring courses focused on the most critical compliance subjects. They’ll also review best practices and common scenarios in an interactive, live training session, led by SiteCompli’s Customer Success team. Demonstrate your high level of compliance knowledge by becoming SiteCompli Certified, only available at RealFocus.

In addition to SiteCompli Certification, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of afternoon expert sessions to make sure your team is prepared for any compliance challenge. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll experience at RealFocus:

  • Listen to the Department of Finance talk about the limited-time ECB Amnesty program launching this fall.
  • Learn about new requirements for cooling towers, the NFPA, and environmental regulations
  • Ask Lori Boccadoro and Rob Hochman questions about recent code changes, construction processes, and critical infractions
  • Enjoy a day of networking with peers and leaders in the real estate industry

…and there’s even more announcements to come. Plus, did I mention the food?

Not only will you leave RealFocus with a concrete grasp of ongoing compliance news and regulations, industry best practices, and a SiteCompli Certification to boot, you definitely won’t be going home hungry.

I’ve been around enough to see that NYC regulations are always changing, and sometimes complicated. It is SiteCompli’s mission to bring clarity to compliance. With that said, inviting professionals for a full day of learning with experts and industry insiders is taking our compliance education program to the next level. We’re thrilled to welcome you to RealFocus, and hope you’ll join us in making compliance education a continued priority.

Click here to reserve your spot for RealFocus – we’ll see you there!

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