Know the Code: Avoid Infractions and Costly Penalties From the FDNY

Fire Department of New York (FDNY) regulations are some of the biggest challenges to stay-up-to-date within NYC building compliance.  

From preventing common infractions to understanding the process of renewing permits, SiteCompli’s FDNY Survival Kit is here to help keep your building in compliance, and reduce potential fines.

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Top Topics include:

Steering Clear of FDNY Criminal Summonses
  • Following up with VOs is critical, and if not corrected in time, serious consequences will arise. Learn how to avoid making an appearance in New York’s Criminal Court from your Survival Kit
Resolving and Preventing Violations
  • Are your permits expired? Did you receive a VC17 or VC20? Well, identifying common types of NOVs and VOs could save your wallet from DOF fines. Take control of your compliance and familiarize yourself with these complex FDNY processes

Be proactive in addressing your FDNY challenges! Download the FDNY Survival Kit Today, where you can find a calendar of important dates, helpful agency contacts, and useful links to bookmark.

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