Local Law 69-2017 Update: Infestation History Requirement

This is a follow-up to our first post on the new bedbug reporting requirement – read here to get an intro to this new law.

Starting November 6, 2017, all multifamily owners must attempt to obtain bedbug infestation history from tenants OR unit owners including any remedial or eradication methods.

Per HPD,

During December 2018 and before January 1, 2019, (for the previous year, from November 2017 through November 2018) and each year thereafter, owners will be required to report information for each dwelling unit to HPD.

Reports will be submitted electronically through HPD’s website (link from HPD forthcoming) and include a number of details about the units at each property, known units with infestation, known units where eradication measures were taken, and known units where infestations happened after eradication methods were deployed. You can see exactly what will be required here.

In addition to electronic submission, these forms must be provided to tenants with each lease renewal/new lease, OR posted in a prominent location within 60 days of filing. Information will also be available to the public via HPD’s website. Owners must also post or provide a DOHMH form that provides details on preventing, detecting, and removing bedbugs.

As a reminder, this is in addition to any requirements from New York State, where bedbug history must be disclosed with all tenants going back one year. Click here to download the State disclosure form.

Similar “failure to post” type infractions are categorized as Class A HPD violations. It’s likely that failure to comply here will result in similar issuances.

Stay tuned for another update on how to post this information, and which department-approved forms to utilize.

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