It’s mid-October. Do you know where your elevator and boiler inspections are?

In all seriousness, we’re fast approaching the end of the year, and all of the critical compliance due dates that come with it. December 31st marks the last day of annual Category 1 elevator inspections, as well as the last day of low pressure and high pressure boiler inspections. Failing to perform and file either of the above could result in thousands of dollars in administrative fines.

It’s not uncommon to forget a step in either complicated inspection process – here are the top things to look out for when you’re filing your end-of-year inspections:

  • Don’t forget to file elevator corrections! Failing to file an Affirmation of Correction on an Unsatisfactory inspection will garner a $3,000 fine – the same as if you never filed in the first place. Pro tip: stay in constant communication with your vendors and keep all copies of stamped and submitted filings on hand, including the original Category 1 inspection and the AOC.
  • Know who is performing your boiler inspections: Inspections for high-pressure boilers must be performed by an authorized insurance company, whereas low pressure boiler inspections can be performed by authorized boiler inspectors (licensed by the DOB) or an authorized insurance company.
  • Remove a device? Make sure you filed the paperwork! Violations for failure to file regular inspections are issued administratively based on current information in the DOB’s system. Failure to properly document an elevator or boiler removal can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary fines. Decommission equipment with the DOB by filing an OP49 (boilers) or an ELV1 (elevators), and file on time to avoid late fees/violations.

For a comprehensive rundown of all things elevator and boiler, download our Quick Reference Guide, updated for 2016.

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