New DOB Permit Fees Go Into Effect March 5th

Per Local Law 56 of 2016, new permit fees for new buildings & alteration filings will be adjusted.

As of March 5, 2018, there are three categories of new permit fees (per the DOB’s most recent service update):

  • Amendments and Corrections – Beginning 3/5/18, all amendments and corrections affecting fees will require the entire job to be re-calculated under the new fee structure
  • Filings (old) – Any job pre-filed in status ‘A’ or uploaded through eFiling before June 9, 2016 will be calculated using the previous fee structure
  • Filings (new) – Jobs created or uploaded on June 9, 2016 and after will be subject to the new fee structure. Subsequent filings made on or after June 9, 2016 (regardless of initial file date) will also be calculated using the new fee structure

The June 9th date exists because the law was initially passed in 2016 and put into effect 30 days after signing. You can see the specific increases (and in some case, decreases) in Local Law 56, located here. For a brief summary of changes, read the Department’s initial service notice issued in August 2016.

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