New Energy Efficiency Program for Residential Management Teams

The NYC Building Operator Training Program was launched by Mayor de Blasio’s office last year, designed to “help residential buildings cut energy costs up to 20%.” Eligible residential management teams can participate in the program, receiving 30 hours of efficiency training at no cost. According to the Mayor’s Office, the program itinerary covers:

  • Recognizing and correcting common flaws in a building’s structure that can result in wasted energy consumption;
  • Identifying and correcting ventilation problems;
  • Instruction on understanding the various components of a boiler, their functions and proper maintenance techniques;
  • Understanding heat distribution and control throughout a building;
  • Techniques for conserving water; and
  • Learning how electric system and fixture maintenance can result in greater energy efficiency.

Applications for the program are accepted on a rolling basis, and open to owners, managers, supers, operators, and maintenance staff of small to mid-sized multifamily buildings (5 – 50 units or between 5,000 – 50,000 gross square feet). Materials are provided in Spanish and English.

Next Step
To take advantage of the no-cost training from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, visit the Building Performance Lab Application Page.

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