New Gas Safety Regulations Signed Into Law

Last week, Mayor de Blasio signed 10 pieces of gas safety-related legislation into law, increasing regulations regarding gas utilities in an effort to keep the city safe.

The Big Idea
The new regulations cover everything from pipe system inspections to leak-related notifications. Utility corporations must also abide by new regulations, including annual reporting on asset conditions.

These regulations were introduced in response to several gas explosions in NYC, and were designed to keep city residents safer going forward. Regarding enforcement, Intro 1102-A classifies certain violations as immediately hazardous (Class 1, eligible for AEUHAZ1 fines). Be sure to check in with your licensed master plumber or gas work qualification specialist to determine inspection requirements and establish best practices across your portfolio. We’ll keep you posted on any new details stemming from these regulations.

For more details on the gas safety regulations, read the city’s official release.

To read about the background of these new laws, check out Curbed New York’s post.

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