New Sanitation Penalty Schedule

Just like the DOB’s recent update, the Department of Sanitation is also publishing a new ECB penalty schedule.

As with earlier penalty schedules, Repeat Sanitation violations carry higher fines. In this case, different infractions are grouped into one of two categories for classifying Repeats:

  • Group One (*) Repeat violations must be the same infraction incurred by the same named respondent, within 12 months of the dates of 12 or more violations issued to that same respondent, and it must be at the same location as the previous 12 violations
  • Group Two (**) violations are second or third violations of the same code of law as the previous violation (or second), and must occur within 12 months of the date of the last violation issued to the same respondent

The biggest difference is that Group One violations are more location-specific (dirty sidewalk, dirty area, failure to clean 18″, etc.) and Group Two violations are individual offenses (littering, spitting, etc.).

That said, issuances for building-related infractions have been on the rise in the past few years – stay tuned for an upcoming SiteCompli report on Sanitation violation patterns across NYC.

Given the listed requirements, if one building received 12 violations for the same infraction within a 12 month period (and the named respondent was the same on all violations), the penalty for the 13th and subsequent would increase to $250.

Click here to read the final penalty schedule, including fines for specific code infractions.

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