Conquering NYC Local Law 31 & Local Law 55 With Automation

NYC Local Law 31 & 55

Without a doubt the most popular topic of discussion among property managers and compliance experts this year has been NYC Local Law 55 and NYC Local Law 31. How do you get your portfolio into compliance when it comes to Lead XRF inspections and inspecting for indoor allergens in your units? Where to even start? Whether you have 50 apartment units or 5,000, both processes have the potential to take up a lot of you and your team’s time – and the consequences of non-compliance can be steep.

As a reminder, NYC Local Law 31 went into effect in August of 2020 and represents the lead-paint 5-year testing requirement from the HPD. The inspection must take place within 5 years of the effective date of the law (by August 9, 2025) or within one year if a child under the age of 6 comes to reside in the unit (whichever is sooner).

NYC Local Law 55 is a bit older – passed in 2018, it requires that owners of buildings with three or more apartments keep their tenants’ apartments free of mold and pests. This includes safely fixing the conditions that cause these problems. (Check out our previous deep dive into the law here)

The SiteCompli Team is here to help. We’ve been assisting clients in setting up their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and automated workflows for both of these requirements, and now we’re sharing those best practices with you! Watch the quick videos below to learn more about how the best-run buildings are handling this requirement in 2021 and beyond.

NYC Local Law 55: Indoor Allergen Hazards

How to operationalize your inspections to comply:

NYC Local Law 31: Lead XRF Inspections

Automating your lead inspection process for better, faster compliance:


Reach out to our team today at if you’re interested in learning more about how automation can help you do both of these processes faster, with better tracking across your portfolio.

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