Onsite Inspections Survey – What Did We Learn?

Many property management teams are taking a step back and re-evaluating their inspections processes – and we’ve got the numbers to prove it!

We asked property operations leaders across the nation what their current inspection process was, and what their greatest pain points were. Here’s a glimpse of what we learned:

Teams Are Still Using Pen & Paper For Inspections

A surprising 64% of teams surveyed are still using pen and paper to track and record inspection details.

The problem with pen and paper is that not only is it time consuming to file, locate, and replace physical documents – it’s enormously costly, especially when you’re managing hundreds of units all at once.

Though pen and paper may still be used in some form, more and more property operators are moving away from it – and they’re the ones ahead of the game.

Your Biggest Challenges May Be Holding Your Team Back

Over 50% of survey respondents revealed their biggest inspections challenge involves getting their staff to complete inspections in a uniform way & being able to record details, notes, and pictures in the same place at the same time.

Not having easy access to the right records when you need them costs your team in time and labor – and not having the right inspection info in the first place can lead to major risks.

Of course, every team has their own set of challenges – including ones who already use a tech solution for inspections. But being able to identify those roadblocks & make changes accordingly will only get your team one step closer to achieving NOI goals.

The Bottom Line  

Whether you’re thinking about going digital with inspections, or changing the way you currently do inspections, just remember you’re not alone.

More and more teams are recognizing that inspection solutions can improve all parts of the process – from planning to execution to follow-ups – and there’s no better time to adjust your process than now.

If you’re thinking about a better way to perform inspections, the SiteCompli team is here to help.

For more details about what we learned, download the full survey report here.

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