RealFocus Spotlight: COVID-19 Changes, And What It Means For Your Buildings

We’ve learned a lot about COVID over the past several months – most importantly, how property managers can best protect the people inside their buildings.

Commercial, residential, institutional, and retail teams have all developed building-specific or portfolio-wide plans for preventing spread at their properties. Those plans have evolved significantly over the past several months, based on the following: new state and local law regulations, changing advice from the CDC and other agencies, and internal team analysis and plan implementation.

And those plans aren’t just focused on what your team should be doing – they’re also built around what your staff needs. The amount and type of cleaning supplies, PPE to stay as safe as possible – these should all factor into your team’s onsite COVID plans.

Combine all those changes and needs together, and management teams are asking themselves some pretty big questions:

  • Are other teams changing the way they handle COVID, and should we adjust our processes?
  • Are we taking specific precautions for special spaces, like gyms? How are we abiding by the latest state guidelines for unique amenities and areas?
  • How are we planning out our 2021 budget from a supply and service perspective?

If you’re wondering about the answers to any of these questions (and more), you don’t want to miss our panel on Updating Your COVID Checklist at this year’s RealFocus (which is FREE and online)! Gary Jacobs, President & CEO of F&F Supply, and Ryan Beck, VP of Business Development at W Services Group, will be talking about changes in COVID-19 prep for property managers. These expert panelists will discuss what teams have been doing since earlier this year, how that’s changed, and what you’ll want to be aware of as you head into 2021.

You’ll also want to stick around for our panel on managing risks at your buildings, which includes things beyond COVID-19. You’ll hear strategy and best practices firsthand from management professionals, and get a chance to ask them any questions you have.

Accessing RealFocus is easy (and did I mention free?) – just register here, and join us live on October 27th. But don’t wait to sign up – spots are limited and going fast. We can’t wait to see you there!

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