Reminder: New DOB Penalty Sheet and Fine Reduction Goes Into Effect on Wednesday 5/10

We previously wrote about how the DOB now has control over setting ECB-related penalties, and a new schedule is going into effect next week. Tucked into this update was a new rule about cutting fines in half for corrected DOB-ECB violations that were in default. What does it all mean for your properties?

  • The DOB can rule on and publish penalty schedules directly, which may mean more frequently updated fine amounts.
  • Named respondents on defaulted violations who a) submit an acceptable Certificate of Correction, which is then b) forwarded to the ECB by the DOB will pay a 50% reduced penalty
    • This does not apply to daily penalties for specific violations, or civil penalties

There are still a number of questions that the DOB has yet to answer:

  • When and how will named respondents be notified of the reduced penalty?
  • Will the reduction take place as a refund, or in advance of payment?
  • Is there a deadline to file the Certificate of Correction to take advantage of the reduced penalty?
What's Next
We’ll continue to provide updates as details are released by the Buildings Department – stay tuned to the Blog for the latest DOB-ECB news!

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