Required TPP Form Update For NYC Residential Construction

Starting June 22, 2020, there are new updates to the Tenant Protection Plan form (TPP1).

Per a recent DOB Service Update, the required TPP1 form for residential buildings undergoing construction has some new adjustments. Click here to see the latest version of the form, which is required if dwelling units will be occupied during construction.

Here’s specifically what’s changed:

  • Both the applicant and the property owner will be required to sign the paper form (that’s then submitted to BIS)
  • You must now identify the specific unit/apartment numbers that will remain occupied during construction (this was stated in Local Law 118 of 2019)
  • You must also identify the specific means and methods used to limit noise to acceptable levels during construction, in accordance with the NYC Noise Control Code (referenced in Local Law 106 of 2019, here).
  • The title sheet (or first sheet immediately after the title sheet of construction documents for alteration, construction, or partial demolition work) in a building containing one or more occupied dwelling(s) must contain a statement that “a [TPP] will be submitted in accordance with the requirements of Article 120 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code prior to the issuance of a permit.”

Because of the form adjustments, the TPP Notice to Occupants has also been modified. Click here to see the most recent version.

According to the Service Update, the Notice to Occupants must be posted and provided to tenants when the DOB issues a work permit. In addition to distributing this Notice to each occupied dwelling unit, the Notice must be posted in a conspicuous manner in the lobby. It must also be posted on each floor within 10 feet of the elevator, or if there is no elevator, within 10 feet of or in the main stairwell on each floor.

Remember – you’re also required to notify the DOB 72 hours “before commencing work in connection with the Tenant Protection Plan.” This notification was always a TPP-related requirement, and doesn’t coincide with any COVID related regulations.

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