Stranger Things, Volume 2: Odd Happenings in Real Estate

It’s back! We’re not just talking about SiteCompli’s favorite Netflix show – we’re talking about our Halloween-time blog post, dedicated to the weirdest happenings in real estate across the country. Check out this year’s roundup of the spookiest, oddest, and just plain strangest things in the industry:

Strange Spaces

Forbes collated images from some of the most unusual homes on the market. From mushroom-shaped pods to a floating abode, these homes certainly stand out as some of the loonier listings. If you’re interested in adding something unique to your portfolio, this list might give you some inspiration.

Animal House

In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 PM. In Arkansas, alligators aren’t welcome to use the tub at all. And if you own properties in Texas, you might know that it’s illegal to hunt or kill bats – unless they’re hanging out in your building.

Hidden Amenities

Management firms all over the country are getting competitive with amenities, touting package delivery rooms, expanded leisure areas, and the latest technologies. But imagine letting tenants live like movie super-spies. That’s what Creative Home Engineering specializes in – building secret passageways and hidden entrances into your space. It’s more Hollywood than Main Street, but it certainly would make a building stand out.

Full (supernatural) disclosure REQUIRED

Last year we told you Massachusetts law doesn’t consider “an alleged parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon” a material fact in need of disclosure for a real estate transaction. Move down the Atlantic seaboard, and you’ll find that the opposite may sometimes be true. Thanks to Stambovsky v. Ackley (AKA the “Ghostbusters” case), if the seller thinks their space has supernatural guests (and establishes a reputation by telling others the same), a haunting could be interpreted as a material fact in New York State, a must-know for the buyer. Still, this case rested on the seller’s public disclosure more than proof of an actual haunting, and other states (looking at you, Arizona) don’t require haunted disclosures. Caveat emptor!

Who ya gonna call?

That said, if you’re marketing a space and need to usher out its paranormal residents, there are some services you use. That said, none of them carry backpack plasma blasters. You can read more about the tech they DO use in’s roundup of real-life Ghostbusters working in the real estate industry.

One last story from across the pond…

Strange real estate doesn’t just exist in the US. If you’re interested in stone castles, Hobbit cottages, and backyard theme parks (my personal favorite), check out these listings from the United Kingdom.

From all of us at SiteCompli HQ, have a very Happy Halloween!

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