Taking The Pain Out Of Tenant Mailings Season with InCheck

NYC’s tenant mailings process gets more complex, more demanding, and seemingly more drawn out each year. From changing requirements (new bulletins, anyone?) to increased agency-led audits, the risk involved in annual safety notice mailings continues to grow. If you want to see just how risky this process can be, check out this post we wrote earlier this year.

But getting tenant mailings right – and protecting your organization from risk – doesn’t have to be a burden. 

Here are just a few ways InCheck can help your team take the stress out of mailings season, and ensure everything is done the right way:

Eliminate Busywork & Focus On Follow-Ups

Tracking mailing responses can be cumbersome, and take way more time than your staff has to spare. With InCheck, you don’t even have to worry about this part of the process.

Our team stays on top of the latest changes to the mailings packet so you don’t have to. That includes ongoing changes and adjustments to FDNY information, and the latest agency-approved forms.

Your resident’s responses to the mailing are captured and organized automatically, so you have the information you need at-a-glance. And with the most ways for residents to respond (by mail, phone, online, and fax), InCheck helps drive up your yearly response rates. We’ll even automatically call and email any non-responsive residents across your portfolio for maximum information.

This way, you can spend time and energy focusing on the things only your team can do – performing inspections, making repairs, and interacting with residents.

Review And Respond 3x Faster

As you know all too well, the mailings process goes far beyond response collection. In fact, the most important part of this annual requirement is performing inspections, and making installations and repairs. 

Because your response information is automatically tracked and organized in InCheck, it’s super easy to identify which units need what kinds of follow-ups: lead paint inspections, window guard repairs or replacements, and even general inspections for any non-responders. Even better, with the click of a button, InCheck will identify what actions need to be taken, and instantly assign work to your team.

The InCheck platform automatically organizes responses into action items - on this screen, you'll see which follow ups are needed from your mailings.

InCheck automatically organizes your mailings responses into action items, so your team can get to work with the click of a button.

It’s easier than ever to capture responses onsite, too – InCheck’s mobile app lets your team quickly log mailing-related inspection information from wherever they are. It even responds dynamically based on your staff’s inputs. For example, if no one’s home or you can’t access the unit, it’ll let you close out the inspection for another time. But if you note that there’s a child ten years or younger in the unit, it’ll automatically ask you about the status of the window guards.

InCheck's mobile app displaying screens for property inspectors to record information relative to NYC's safety mailings laws.

InCheck responds dynamically to what your staff sees in the field – saving you time so you can focus on critical work.

Easier Than Ever City Reporting

Notifying the DOHMH is one of the most critical parts of the process. You’ll need to send a letter to the agency listing any and all attempts to get information for each non-responsive unit.

With InCheck, each logged inspection on your mobile app or follow-up is listed as an attempt, and automatically included in your DOHMH letters. Instead of having to draft each letter and pull information from different places, your organization can stay compliant with just one click. 

And it’s not just annual safety notice mailings – InCheck can also help you track and take action on the newer stove knob cover requirement, using the same great features.

For more details on how InCheck’s mailing service can help your team, check out our mailings page. And if you have questions, reach out to us at sales@sitecompli.com – we’re happy to show you a better way to tackle your mailings requirement.


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