The Biggest Changes for the 2019 Annual Mailings Season

Tenant mailing season is a very hectic time for property managers. It’s the end of the year, and there are lots of requirements to check-off and track. Completing annual safety notice mailings for 2019 will be no exception. There are new stipulations to follow, but SiteCompli is here to help you comply with the law in the fastest and most convenient ways.

What are the new law changes for 2019?  

  • While “traditional” Annual Safety Notice Mailings season only includes lead-paint inspection, window guard, and fire safety plan information, in this blog post we’re also including Stove Knob Cover Notices. They are a brand new requirement, and the owner’s responsibilities and follow-up requirements are similar, though separate from other mailings.
  • [NEW] Stove Knob Covers Notices – Owners of multiple dwellings (not including condominiums or co-ops where the owner is the primary resident) must give an annual notice to tenants informing them about the owner’s obligation to provide stove knob covers, and that the tenants can refuse. The notice must also ask whether or not a child under the age of 6 resides in that unit. 
    • Unless provided in writing by a tenant, owners must make stove knob covers available for all tenants. There are a few exceptions to this rule.
    • Owners must keep a record of: (i) written notices of refusal from a tenant, (ii) the owner’s attempt to to provide stove knob covers to tenants, (iii) units for which stove knob covers were made available, and (iiii) list of tenants who requested stove knob covers.
  • Update your Fire Safety Plan (FSP) – Starting this year, your custom fire plans must state if the building contains an Emergency Voice Communication System, which is a dedicated fire fighting telephone system with fire-proof cabling and its own power supply. 
    • If these are present in your building, you must note so on your FSP.

What’s new in SiteCompli for mailings season? 

  • SiteCompli’s latest features for annual safety notice mailings make it easier to automate, manage, and take action across your portfolio. Learn more about our new features, including: 
    • Knowing exactly what to do at each unit, with the Take Action button 
    • Logging responses on the go, with a new mobile app
    • Automating outreach attempts and responses, with the Smart Inspection Log

Need a refresher on Safety Notice Mailing basics?

Being organized and having experts you can rely on will help you have a stress-free mailing season.

SiteCompli is here to help you comply with the law and guide you through your 2019 annual mailing season. Reach out to us with any questions at   

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